Feb. 2nd, 2012

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when I say gen I fucking mean gen. Not McShep, not any other slash, not even het. Please, for the love of God, fucking stop reccing me stuff that does not correspond with what I'm asking for. I honestly don't know how to say this anymore without outrightly offending you slashers but if this - you reccing me slash although I specifically ask for het or gen, I mean - happens ever again, you will see this in every damn single future request and screw the rules:

Please do not rec me slash. Under no circumstances I want to see a slash rec for this request. Slash recs will be ignored or maybe snarked at, if I feel in the mood. When I want slash, I will let you know. As long as I don't, I do not want to read slash, okay? Okay? Can you please respect that? You're always asking for people to respect slashers, so can you slashers please also respect people who do not want to read slash? I respect you. I don't rec het or gen if you definitely want slash. I don't rec you Lorne/Cadman when you want McShep. I don't rec you OCs when you want McShep. I don't rec you Marines when you want McShep.* So please do not rec me slash (and most of all, most of all, do not ever rec me McShep. I loathe it with the fire of a thousand suns) when I say that I fucking don't want to read it! Read. The fucking. Post.

No love, me.

*Because you know, that seems to be all they're ever asking for. I rejoice for every request that isn't McShep. And yes, this is my journal, I can say whatever the fuck I want here.


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