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Okay, so since I realized that the amount of fics I have in my LJ has increased surprisingly (and not just because of Fanfic100), I decided to do something I've seen in a few other journals: Give you a post where all of them can be found with title (plus link), summary and short additional info such as pairing or content warnings. Also, all of them are posted in correct reading order, not necessarily writing order and I decided to break them up by category, so here we go:


Lorne/Cadman (including those Fanfic100 stories that are part of universes that existed before I took the claim):

Defining Moments series:

The Faith That Cleans Your Wound: Well... what did compell General Evan Lorne into letting Dr. Rodney McKay through the 'Gate in "The Last Man"?, off-screen character death

Some Brand New Luck: Hopefully last appearance of TLM!Lorne, having been invited to a friends' house and trying not to be too bitter. It has been eight years since Laura died, after all.

All Of My Heart: Surprisingly, TLM!Lorne is back... and he's fed up with his sister trying to make him move on from his late wife, Captain Laura Cadman-Lorne.

Never Gonna Say Again: Again, TLM!Lorne is back, telling us about the moment he realized something fundamental about himself, eight years after his wife's death.

Time Keeps Burning On: Another visit to TLM!Lorne... where he finds himself in a position to bestow his wisdom on a young officer in need, five years after leaving Atlantis.

Like a Song Without a Melody: Revisiting TLM-Timeline!Lorne, this time two years after returning to the Milky Way and burying his wife, a certain Captain Laura Cadman-Lorne.

You And I Will Meet Again: Revisiting TLM-Timeline!Lorne, back at Arlington National Cemetery, at the funeral of his wife, Captain Laura Cadman-Lorne.

If It Kills Me: Revisiting TLM-Timeline!Lorne ... back when Laura Cadman was still very much alive. What's going through your head when you're about to tie the knot amidst war and destruction?

Protect and Survive series:


And Selfishness Its Shadow Casts: Anna Williamson neé Lorne is alone for the first time after marrying Charlie Williamson. Because the idiot had to go and get himself deployed to Bosnia.

Last Kiss Made You Cry: Bad news for Carson Beckett.

Out of Reach: Laura Cadman's life isn't just the same anymore, ever since Carson Beckett died. And now she feels like she's on the road to insanity. Spoilers for 'Sunday'.

Seize the Day: So now that Carson is back... is anyone going to tell Laura Cadman about it? Kinda spoilers for 'The Kindred Pt 1 and 2'.

Where It All Began: So Laura Cadman listened to Major Lorne and made her way back to Atlantis. The questions is: What will Carson say to all of this? Spoilers from 'The Kindred' onwards.


Protect and Survive I: Might Just Save Your Life
(Prologue, 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8, Epilogue): Laura Cadman thought she came back to Atlantis for Carson Beckett... but things aren't really happening as planned, thanks to our favorite Major, Evan Lorne.

Protect and Survive Interlude - Same Old Song: Colonel Sheppard feels the aftereffects of what he experienced in "The Last Man", ties Protect and Survive to Defining Moments

Protect and Survive II: Raising the Stakes (Prologue, 1/11, 2/11, 3/11): Laura Cadman is caught between a rock and a hard place. Or maybe rather between her heart and her head? Anyway, it's never easy when a certain Doctor and Major are involved.

Protect and Survive Interlude - Four Times Rodney Didn't Say Anything, and One Time He Did: Rodney McKay has to discover that life is like high school... all the time, and even years after graduating.

Protect and Survive Interlude - Untitled Sheppard/Teyla snippet: Teyla has news for John...

Protect and Survive Interlude - Good Advice: Major Evan Lorne would really like to know why his second in command Lieutenant Joe Simmons isn't exactly paying attention in a briefing.

Protect and Survive Interlude - Crazy Hazy Hue: His mother will kill him. She'll tell him that's not how she raised him and then she'll kill him.

Protect and Survive Interlude - Have You Ever Wanted: First Lieutenant Joe Simmons (a.k.a. Smarty McSmartypants...) gets taught a lesson about team work by his Sergeants.

Protect and Survive Interlude - Near the Village, the Quiet Village: Evan Lorne isn't quite sure if this mission goes into the Aliens Made Us Do It folder or the Let's Never Talk About This Again folder.

Protect and Survive Interlude - Take me Away to the Moonlight: Evan Lorne, Kassandra Wilson and Joe Simmons were saved by the bell. So to speak.

Protect and Survive Interlude - Five Christmas Eves That Weren't Busines as Usual: Five couples, five Christmas Eves, from 2002 to 2010.

Pandora's Box series:

Shards Instead of Glass: Apocafic/AU - Atlantis lost the fight against the replicators, and Earth gave up on the city... and her crew. Two of the survivors are Laura Cadman and Evan Lorne.

Find Peace Tonight: Apocafic/AU - Evan Lorne and Laura Cadman might not have won the war... but maybe at least a battle?

What You Call Hell: Apocafic/AU - Evan Lorne learns that a wounded team mate is one thing... but a wounded girlfriend quite another.

It's Never Like That in Reality: Apocafic/AU - After the raid that went down the drain, Evan Lorne had hoped for a reprieve... but maybe the problems for Evan and Laura are just beginning?

Go Home: Apocafic/AU - There's always light at the end of the tunnel... Evan Lorne and Laura Cadman are on their way home. Or what usually passes as home.

Better Times: Apocafic/AU - Laura Cadman, Evan Lorne and the question "How do you pick up the threads of an old life?" (Frodo, "The Return of the King").

So Much Broken: Apocafic/AU - Well, a cabin in the mountains is something very nice... let's see if Laura Cadman and Evan Lorne can appreciate it, too.

Can't Forget the War: Apocafic/AU - One year later, and Laura Cadman and Evan Lorne have to learn that C4 - emotional one, in this case - lasts longer than only a few weeks.

Midnight Blue AU:

Sometimes She's Wrong, Sometimes I'm Right: Sergeant Evan Lorne really has had it with Officer Laura Cadman... and he's gonna tell her so.

Trying to Protect my Point of View: Officer Laura Cadman is pretty sure she botched her relationship with Sergeant Evan Lorne... and all because of one little question.

Christmas Day: This really isn't the kind of Christmas Sergeant Evan Lorne had planned for this year...

Legacy tags:

Best Laid Plans: Laura Cadman meets someone aboard the George Hammond. Guess who. Missing scene/tag/probably AU to [ profile] jo_graham's  Homecoming.

What She Can Do
: Evan Lorne needs to vent off frustration, Laura Cadman was bored on the Hammond. Here's where they meet. Tag to [ profile] jo_graham's and [ profile] amygriswold's The Lost.

Other Lorne/Cadman (and Lorne & Cadman):

Shock and Awe series and What Made All The Difference series index

The Fire Still Burns At Night: It's Christmas in Atlantis... well, for everyone except Evan Lorne, that is.

Non-Lorne/Cadman stories:

Minor Characters series:

Brothers in Arms: Major Evan Lorne has no clue why Master Sergeant Simon DeLisle still keeps taking crap from his CO, Major Thomas Moore.

Look What You Do: Major Thomas Moore needs a medic. Captain Laura Greenspan is one. Only problem? She's not talking to him. Well, yet.

All the Great Things: The one where Major Lorne gets taught a lesson about having to be much faster about making his move.

Both Sides: Major Thomas Moore is being an ass again and it's Major Evan Lorne's job to tell him so

A Push: For some reason, Major Lorne feels the need to make Lieutenant Reece see her new boss is much less fearsome than she thinks.

Odd Man Out (1/19, 2/19, 3/19, 4/19, 5/19, 6/19, 7/19, 8/19): Everyone knows SG1... but what about the other teams on the roster? Here's one of them. Meet Major Thomas Moore, Captain Laura Greenspan, Lieutenant Maureen Reece and Master Sergeant Simon DeLisle - also known as SG10 - and accompany them on the mission that made them a team.

A Rugged And Ready Crew: Stabsarzt Matthias Morsberg has no idea why he agreed to play with the Marines in the annual Jarheads vs. Zoomies football game.

To Have And To Hold: What could be more beautiful than a summer wedding?

Woman's Voice series:

Private Consultation: Major Anne Teldy doesn't want a substitute for Captain Alicia Vega... but it seems that she doesn't have a choice.

Well Behaved Women: Sergeant Dusty Mehra isn't in the mood for some all women ritual stuff. But it doesn't look as if she has a choice.

Stand-alones/stories only losely tied to 'verses:

Tossed Upon the Waves: It's days like these that make John Sheppard love his job as military CO of Atlantis, could be part of Protect and Survive/Minor Characters

Back in Line: 1st Lt. Tamara Johanson knows she shouldn't do this... screwing around with Col. Everett Young in a storage closet aboard the Destiny, that is., SGU, TJ/Young

And I Feel Fine: Atlantis is not inclined to let Major Evan Lorne go just yet. Yes, it's kinda Lorne/Atlantis. And it has spoilers for EATG.

Untitled Rodney/Dusty snippet: Rodney really has no idea what he's doing in front of that Sergeant's door.

Five People Who Remember Nine Eleven: "We all need to know that those attacks did not only kill thousands of Americans, but they also hit the entire world," Dr. Peter Struck said on September 12 2001. What's the world saying today? (five OCs, in Atlantis, on September 11 2011)

Star Wars:

Under Covers (1/3, 2/3, 3/3): Sometimes, only revenge keeps you alive. OCs, and the question of the man behind the monster. Among others.

Jenna's War series:

Screw Up (1/6, 2/6, 3/6, 4/6, 5/6, 6/6): A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... there were also people who were neither Jedi nor smugglers nor bounty hunters nor anything else as glamorous as that. Private Jenna Melara, infantry soldier for the Alliance, was one of them. Here's her story.

Big Girl (1/12, 2/12, 3/12, 4/12): There's good news and bad news for Private Jenna Melara... no, there are only bad news. And she wants to share them with all of us!

Battlestar Galactica:

Tomorrow: "After all... tomorrow is another day." - Scarlett O'Hara, "Gone with the Wind" - Three people. They all pretend, and they all want it to end, Kara, Lee, Dee, spoilers for 'Unfinished Business'.

Do You Dream: No one knows where the couch came from. One day it was just there. Helo wonders.


Fragments series:

Need Another Story: Eliot always prided himself to be good at controlling everything... but Parker was always good at shaking things up anyway.

You Can Dance: Sophie teaches Parker how to dance and Eliot can't help but watch.

If It Happened To You: A job nearly got botched and Hardison is not happy... so he takes it out on Eliot.

What a Diff'rence: Nate asks but Eliot doesn't tell. Well, much.

You Amaze Me: Eliot can't sleep.

Reconcile the Violence: Eliot continues to puzzle Parker. As does that strange thing called 'love'. Follow up/wrap up to Fragments, but can also stand alone.


Take You Higher: They were supposed to take the direct road from A to B... but Parker wanted the scenic road. And what Parker wants, Parker gets.

Go On: You know you can't stay at Archie's. Pre-series.

Warehouse 13:

Room With a View: There's more to Pete than just his pop culture allusions and his goofing off, and once in a while that catches up with him. Tag to 'Burnout', slight Pete/Myka... if you squint.

Blinded and Harpooned: When all is said and done, they don't need the Warehouse.


An Interesting Detachment: Jo Lupo leaves Eureka. Alone.

The Lord of the Rings

Like Puzzle Pieces From the Clay: The Lady Eowyn is afraid she is exchanging one cage for another.


Ride with Yuri Gargarin: River watches. River observes. River thinks about Mal and Inara.

Harry Potter:

If it Wasn't for Your Misfortunes: She's a Ravenclaw. This war thing... that's just not in her focus right now.



Whispers in the Morning: No one ever told her about the morning after the wedding night.


Stargate/Star Wars:

Not in Kansas Anymore, (1/23, 2/23, 3/23, 4/23, 5/23, 6/23, 7/23, 8/23): When Laura Cadman and Evan Lorne woke up in a storage room, they never thought it would be in a galaxy far, far away. And now they need to find a way back home, past Special Operations agents and stormtroopers, between the fronts in a war they thought they knew (from television, mind you). But no one ever said it would be easy.

Had the Guts, Got the Glory: Delvin Sandwalker didn't defect to the Rebellion to have to beat up little whiny boy wonders from Tatooine.

The Paradox That Drives Us On: This didn't go as planned for Delvin Sandwalker. Actually, this wasn't planned at all.

Stargate/Army Wives:

This Gun's For Hire: Chase Moran gets an offer he might not be able to refuse. Post S5 Army Wives finale.

Been a Bad Day: That Army brat is going to be the death of Rodney McKay. Someday soon, she will.


For a Better World to Live in: It's been five years since Eliot's team split up when the world changed for the worse. He's still not looking for a new one.

With the Left Over You: Eliot Spencer is back in the US, looking for his old team. He finds someone else first.

Sometime Yesterday: Evan Lorne followed a call from Eliot Spencer. He's not sure if it was such a good idea, after all.

Warehouse 13/Stargate:

Someone Way Down Here: You're back in Colorado Springs. Just for a few days, you keep telling yourself.

Warehouse 13/Leverage:

Close Encounters of Another Kind: Television always fascinated Helena.

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