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Title: Your Business Dress, So Businesslike
Fandom: The Avengers (2012)
Rating: T
Genres: gen, het if you squint
Summary: When Natasha Romanoff leans in to Clint Barton and makes him smile, five different people have a different view on it.
A/N: I, uh, just wrote an Avengers fic. How'd that happen? What. I mean. How. Um. Err... Anyway, a vignette to the end scene of The Avengers, before the credits. Also, virgin fic and everything, be gentle, please?

Your Business Dress, So Businesslike

“I'm seeking girls
In sales and marketing
Let's go make out
Up in the balcony
Your business dress
So businesslike and I'm
Tossing the blouse
Over a chair back
And I can
Hear the bells.”

Mike Doughty, “I Hear the Bells”

When Natasha Romanoff leans in to say something to Clint Barton that gives him a slow spreading smile making him look like the cat with the canary, Steve Rogers isn’t sure if he wants to know what she said. He’s pretty sure, though, that it would make him uncomfortable. Basically everything that goes unspoken between those two makes him uncomfortable, and he doesn’t even know why.

When Natasha Romanoff leans in to say something to Clint Barton that makes him think of himself when he looks into the mirror and thinks of Pepper, Tony Stark likes to think that she told Barton something that Pepper would tell him. But then he remembers that despite all the similarities he detected between Pepper and Romanoff – never told Pepper about them, though – the Black Widow wouldn’t tell Hawkeye that she had the reward for doing his homework ready in their bedroom. He thinks they don’t even have a shared bedroom.

When Natasha Romanoff leans in to say something to Clint Barton that makes him smile in a way that makes the Other Guy stir in Bruce Banner just a little, he can’t help but turn away. She got under his skin a little too deep for comfort and something in him makes him wish their relationship hadn’t been strictly business, had been just a little… deeper, like what he can see in the way the fabled Black Widow of all people lets her mask slip with Hawkeye, just for a moment. Long enough to make him break out in a grin that speaks of things Bruce Banner shouldn’t be thinking about if he doesn’t want to wake the Other Guy. He quickly turns away again.

When Natasha Romanoff leans in to Clint Barton, he smiles because for a moment he thought she just suggested a different kind of sparring than the beating each other up thing they like to do in the workout room. Natasha knows how to fuck with his mind and he keeps grinning because he can’t even be pissed at her for that. After all, the images she just put in his head aren’t bad at all and he doesn’t have to look at her to see that hint of a satisfied smirk on her face. He knows her too well and one day, he thinks, one day he’ll get what she puts in his mind now and then.

When Natasha Romanoff leans in to Clint Barton to tell him that she wouldn’t mind a rematch for the little cognitive recalibration  number she did on him, she doesn’t even have to look at his face to know that she made him do that smugger than Tony Stark smile thing again. The amount of satisfaction it brings her can’t be good but she decides to let it slide, just this once. Even when she knows exactly what’s going through his mind right now. She knows him too well, she thinks and maybe, one day, she’ll make good on that temptation. Maybe it’ll be the day her ledger isn’t red anymore. That'll be a good day for it, she thinks.

Date: 2012-05-12 12:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I like how each of them had a very distinct - yet commonly-based - mental reaction to that.

poor Captain - probably uncomfortable because it reminds him of Peggy.

yes, only Stark would associate smiles with homework rewards. :)

Banner and the Other Guy are definately conflicted about this, but in a good way.

absolutely, Hawkeye, how can you be mad about that? :)

"neuro-programing" has to be my favorite euphemism of the film. in American, its called "slapping him around a little." (kidding)

this was a splendid ficlet. brava!!

Date: 2012-05-12 03:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
**claps with delight**

I can't get enough of other people observing the two of them. And I LOVE that moment in the film you're describing. This was such a cute take on it. (And for the record, you and I share the same headcanon with respect to Bruce. ;)

Date: 2012-05-12 09:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

My first reactions were,
~ "Awwwww, Cap!" (Because I liked him so much in Avengers... soooo much more than in his own movie - and this would so be what he would be thinking. Poor guy. *hehe*)
~ "Awwwww, Bruce! (Because my Bruce/Other Guy love in this movie was totally unexpected... and I have to admit that I ship Natasha/Bruce a little more than I ship Natasha/Clint ;))

This was so cute! And even if I would have never thought that she would have whispered something like that, I like it and I can just imagine it happening. It would even make a lot of sense. Because I naturally asumed that she would have said something about Loki, but that would be because in this scene I like to sit in his head (because... you know... *cough*research*cough* ;))) and he would *naturally* asume that she would be talking about him. But it's Natasha we're talking about and she likes to mess with people's heads, so *of course* she would be talking about something else entirely while making Loki think it would be about him. And now I would like to imagine that Clint knows what she's doing, becausee he knows her a little, too. ;)

Or I could just be overcomplicating things here...? *lol*

Anyway! Lovely! I would totally read more about these two! =)

(Oh, and *of course* I loved Tony in this, as well! It was just... well... expected... so that goes (almost) without saying ;))

Date: 2012-05-13 02:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Very cute.

Date: 2012-05-14 12:25 pm (UTC)
inkvoices: (avengers:natasha)
From: [personal profile] inkvoices
The format for this is brilliant, absolutely great idea, and you manage not only to show how each character feels about the idea of Clint and Natasha being Clint and Natasha, but in doing so also reveal something about each character themselves and I love it.

My theory in that ending scene is that Nat totally said something that would mess with Clint and make him smile like that to mess with Loki. She's multitalented like that *grins*.

Date: 2012-05-16 01:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love the way almost everyone around the table had their own reaction to watching the pair interact. It was like the audience reaction through the eyes of these fantastic characters. Just great! :)


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