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So, huh. I'm still not sure if signing up for [ profile] het_bigbang with Clint/Natasha was a good idea but I keep having ideas for one-shots so I think it an't have been a completely harebrained idea, no? OK, actually, I'm currently writing a companion piece for Who Knows No Mercy (and Clint is killing me, probably because I am killing him with guilt. It's only fair then, I guess) and there's a vague press coverage bunny for Clint and Natasha that will be all [ profile] workerbee73's fault if it ever gets written. Oh, and something about Maria Hill and Nick Fury and the thing with Coulson's Captain America cards because Fury being Fury didn't sit quite right with me (I do realize that he had to do that but I'd just love to write some Maria Hill fic and that seems like a good approach for it).

As for the big bang, I have to be honest. I just know that it's going to be post movie, that I want Steve Rogers to have a part (because something keeps telling me writing Hawkeye and the Widow from his perspective is going to give anything some kind of twist I don't want to miss) and that it's probably going to be mission fic. Other than that... I'm still working on it. It's also a good excuse for watching the movie again, on my own if I have to (I just remembered that I don't mind going to the cinema alone at all when I read [ profile] inkvoices's last post so I'll probably just do that). Yes. Good plan.

And maybe all the Avengers stuff will help me to get back into my Stargate writing. Or I'll just try to have a complete rewatch of Stargate Atlantis. Actually, that sounds like a great idea. If I only had time head desks
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