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Halle-fucking-lujah, I finally have something at least resembling a plot for the Big Bang. I know it's going to be mostly Steve, Clint and Natasha and that's going to be very interesting. I'm also pretty sure there are about a million flaws in it and from the looks of it, it's probable going a real big bang fic (at least 25k words again) than a mini bang fic (10k of words).

If it comes to that and I actually manage to finish it on time... would anyone be willing to make some art? I know there are a lot of talented people on my flist and I'd be so happy to have art. Okay, most of all because there will be no official art for the 10k fics and I signed up for one of those. Pretty please? It would be a great incentive for me to actually finish it according to the deadline...
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At Pottermore, that is. It's all [ profile] hanseatic_keks's fault that I signed up and now I want other lemmings those on my flist who are Harry Potter fans to join! Anyone who's on there and here on the flist, add me (RuneMirror3850), please? Yes?
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WERDER BREEEEEEEMEN! Mwhahahahaha! 1:0! Maybe there's still hope for Hertha BSC after all. Maybe they'll keep Premier League. Maybe miracles really happen. Maybe only half of Germany will laugh about Berlin and their soccer club after this Season. One can always hope.
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Anyway. It's March again. And you know what that means?


Women's History Month!

Let's celebrate Women's History, with fic and art and baking and political rallying (or practical political action such as male represenatives trying their hand at traditionally women's jobs and female representatives taking the parliament stage, for example)! Whee! I'm so excited! I love Women's History Month, did I mention that yet? I love it! *jumps up and down excitedly (in my head, anyway)
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Good... *looks at clock evening. (New Year's Eve always screws everything about my inner clock)

Hope you all had a fun (and safe) New Year's Eve and didn't have too much of a hangover (or tinnitus) on New Year's Day. I got home 0600 or something, so I guess the party could be counted a s good one. But I have to stand correct myself. Last year, I said it was war where I celebrated New Year's Eve. This year, I can honestly say that it was worse than last year. Dude. Firecrackers that sound like hand grenades *shakes head But it was fun! And look what we did with sparklers (or, as we like to call them, wonder candles *giggles):

(photo by [ profile] heitidei ("Okay, the twos need to be better this year. Last year, the two screwed it up. Mirror-inverted, don't foget that!"), guess who I am!)

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So, guys.


Be safe and we'll see each other in 2012 :D

(I wanted to do the End of Year Fic Meme a couple of people did but I didn't get to it. I'll do it tomorrow?)

I suck.

Dec. 29th, 2011 12:01 pm
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Because I still don't have any new stories.

But. I'm working on it. Wrote the biggest part of [ profile] sgteam14283's prompt for Dec 27 and have an idea for [ profile] pingulotta's prompt for Dec 28 (it's pretty much complete, I just have to write it) and am very much looking forward to writing [ profile] mackenziesmomma's prompt for Dec 29. I'm so sorry to say that I'm still a little clueless about what exactly to write for [ profile] hanseatic_keks's prompt for Dec 30 and have far too many diffuse ideas for [ profile] apinkpanthress's prompt for Dec 31. But I'm getting there. Mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen (it's a German saying... something about a squirrel and subsisting with a lot of effort... no, you don't have to understand it) and all that.

Also! Christmas cards! You guys! I forgot to mention that I got one from [ profile] yappichick and one from [ profile] hanseatic_keks (and one to my sisters [ profile] heitidei and [ profile] schnelmi and me from [ profile] koboldmaki :D) and an entire very, very awesome Christmas package from [ profile] sgteam14283! Thanks so much, guys! Lots and lots of flist love to you! I love the cards and the package and I love my flist :D

Edit: Dear LJ, when I edit an article, I'd like the editted version to appear, not the original one. How hard is it to make that possible, huh?
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That is all.

(via [ profile] splodefromcute)
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Because there's less than one hour left of today and I still need to write my daily travel posting. What the hell.

Okay, here goes. Today, didn't do much. Basically boarded the L train to San Francisco Zoo, saw the zoo, stuck my feet into the (freezing) Pacific waters and went back to the hostel. Saw the koalas (koalas! KOALAS!) who were sleeping (as per usual for their species) but OH SO CUTE. Bundles of grey fur sleeping in trees somehow make me go all squee. Oh well.

I also saw their giant anteaters (OMGWTFANTEATERS! Sorry. That's what those weird animals always do to me. I just can't help it), lemurs (mehehe, funniest animals ever, probably), hippo (I'm in love with misshapen animals, just like my mum...), big cats (it is a little disconcerting when parents hold their little kids up to see an Amur tiger with the words "hey, kitty, kitty"...), penguins (they seemed to enjoy themselves very much), bears (the polar bear looked a little... unhappy, to be honest) and the children's zoo. I have to say I really liked the way the children's zoo was laid out and organized. And God, is was so empty (the entire zoo, that is). I'm really not used to empty zoos, seeing as both Berlin Zoos (yes, we have the decadence to afford ourselves two zoos, the Zoo and the Tierpark... in fact, we have lots of things twice. It's a relict of almost 30 years of being two cities instead of one) are rather in the city and both always draw crowds. That was nice.

Thanks to SF Zoo being a little farther out, I now also know where Evan's parents from the Protect and Survive universe live in SF (either Parkside or close to West Portal Station, if that tells you anything) and that only Laura Cadman can think of wanting to go swimming in the Pacific close to SF. Cold, oh God, so cold! But very beautiful, of course.

Anyway, I'll now go back to that "how it all began" fredlet to distract myself from the mess they made of Delicious and try to keep telling myself that everything will be alright again tomorrow. Gah.
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Blergh. Just a short post today, mostly because I desperately need to get into bed and because the cold that was approaching me yesterday, is starting to take shape and because I did next to nothing today anyway. Basically, my day consisted of catching up with [ profile] ancient_leah via MSN, translating a bit of the newest Minor Characters chapter, trying to ignore my sore throat, dragging myself outside to buy something to eat and something to fit the sore throat with (I just should have taken the hammer drugs, painkillers or not... guys, why does nearly everything in the US contain fucking painkillers when all we'd need are germ killers?), reading at least one of the books that [ profile] mackenziesmomma brought me (they're short, one can very easily read them in one day) and editting the hell out of the big bang story. Which, by the way, I just sent away. An hour before the deadline is over. Yeah, that's me...

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Okay, it's the rough draft but it's done. I'll have to edit the hell out of all of next week and [ profile] mackenziesmomma will have to beta the hell out of it and I'm sure I'll have a hell of a time posting it but yay, I finished my first big bang story! (I'm also not so sure if I'll ever do this again :P)

Lots and lots and lots of thanks go to:

[ profile] mackenziesmomma, [ profile] ancient_leah[ profile] pingulotta, [ profile] sgteam14283 and everyone else cheering me on when I thought I'd never make it

all the wonderful, wonderful people at [ profile] het_banghelp, most of all [ profile] irony_rocks for ruling the comm with an iron fist in a velvet glove keeping it all together

[ profile] yappichick for claiming my story (and giving me a much needed boost to keep on writing this story)

and last but not least

[ profile] tinyshinysuka for forcing me to start this suggesting to me to take part.

Let's see how happy we'll all be when I actually post that story. I'm still not sold on it :S



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but look at the result for this one! \o/

You Scored as Major Evan Lorne

You are Major Evan Lorne, Played by Kavan Smith. You are the coolest person, by far, on the base. You have the Ancient gene, youre an awesome pilot, you shoot AT4 CSs with amazing accuracy, you can fight, and on top of all that you are a lovely painter. Man, pat yourself on the back for being so awesome.

Major Evan Lorne


Laura Cadman






Jeannie Miller


Sergeant Bates


Dr. Peter Kavanagh


Radek Zelenka


Danger Beckett


Also, Laura Cadman as runner up! ♥ (it leaves the question, though, what this says in regard to my primarily writing Lorne/Cadman... let's not think about that, huh?)
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I just broke 25k on the big bang story!


I also now know that I'll need five to six (or maybe seven, depending on how the chapter after the current one will work) eight more chapters to finish it which while it's certainly tough actually not impossible to do within the deadline of September 25th. I just hope I won't break down on the home stretch as I'm usually wont to do (not breaking down but nearly breaking down and saying "Ah, just fuck it all, I'm gonna quit." I never did it before and I don't intend to now but the home stretch really is the hardest part in any thing I do for me) and oh God, the beating. And the formatting. And oh God, I think I'll just go back to finishing my chapter and try to get this story done. Eeeek!
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That is, my [ profile] het_bigbang story has been claimed by an artist and I'm so happy about that! It was claimed by [ profile] yappichick and now I'm really pressed to actually finish it because OMG ARTIST (awesome artist!)! I'm still at some 14k words but at least now I have a new laptop (the Dell arrived here yesterday, despite being shipped with UPS, which [ profile] koboldmaki accurately described as "a subgroup of Hell") so I'm poised to continue! Maybe I'll even get to actually continue it in the next couple of days... okay, yes I will get back at writing in the next couple of days. I have to. And I will. Really. Promise!
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I just might have found the OC to save my [ profile] het_bigbang story. Can't say much about him but OMG how I love him for maybe, actually, probably saving my story with helping me connect the two strands I had no idea how to get back together and maybe even providing the non-Lorne/Cadman romance I wanted so badly and I will be eternally grateful to him. Yes, it's absolutely normal to be grateful to a fictional character that exists only in my imagination, why do you ask?

(and yes, I might keep getting on your nerves with freaking out over the big bang but it's my first, so please bear with me? Yes? Pwetty pwease?)

Also, would thinking about organising a big bang at [ profile] major_explosion or, even better, [ profile] stargate_ocs be a very bad idea right now?
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Into finally finishing my application for Military Studies, that is.

Yes, today I sent off the application (God bless the post office at Bahnhof Friedrichstraße for being open on Sundays! I'm sure they saved hundreds of university applications and thesis from being rejected because of arriving after the closing of the deadline already), only three days before closing of  the deadline. That's real fast, isn't it? (most of all when taking in consideration that I knew I wanted to study that already back in November 2010... oh well)

Anyway, let's all hope I don't get rejected right away.. and might even get to go back to university. Also... I'd very much like to thank everyone who cheered me on and/or kicked my ass until I was finally done with the application, most of all [ profile] schnelmi[ profile] heitidei[ profile] mackenziesmomma[ profile] pingulotta[ profile] sgteam14283[ profile] asugar and [ profile] ancient_leah. If I get admitted, it'll only be to your credit \o/
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It is here, anyway.

Okay, where was I? Oh, right, International Women's Day! Yay!

I don't expect much about that in the media or on the street here, even if it's the 100th anniversary, seeing as today is crappy fucking Faschingsdienstag (Carneval Tuesday) which means people all over Germany get crazy and try to be "funny" but thank God I live in Prussia where we don't even know how to spell that (funny, not crazy... Prussians are pretty big on the crazy, even though for us all you call crazy would be considered normal... or something like that) and which saves us from the rest of German "humor" (don't get me wrong, we have some really great entertainers and comedians... just not during carneval).

Yes, I do hate carneval with a fiery passion and Aschermittwoch (Ash Wednesday) is like the most beautiful day of the year, right after Christmas because it means the "fun" is over. And what kind of God (since carneval is supposed to have something to do with God...) would let this happen? Seriously... I hate carneval and thank God I don't live in a carneval crazy federal state anymore. I swear, I will never ever in my entire life move to Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Mainz or any other of those towns where the only way to get away from the drunken masses is to leave town or maybe even country.

Anyway... for those of us who don't care for too much drink and too many rotten jokes, there's International Women's Day to celebrate, and I do believe that's just a bit more worthy. So come on, girls (and boys, of course), tell me about a woman you admire or that you love or link fantastic fic to me, recommend books to me about women that did great, link news articles to me, give me red carnations and you shall receive some (because that's what the party I'm a member of still does as a tradition: we give red carnations to women in the streets and wish them a happy Women's Day... when I used to work for them, all the women who worked there had one on their desk and yes, I really, really, really miss that and I wish I'd had the guts to go to my managers and tell them that hey, especially in an environment like my workplace where women are in leadership postions but otherwise scarcely to be found, shouldn't we do something about that?). Let's all have a great International Women's Day :D
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Since this is the first day of March, it's also the first day of Women's History Month and I love that one to pieces, goddammit! It always springs great articles all over the English speaking internet and I read my first one today: General Remembers Her 'Different' Military Days. I think I'll read Women in the Wars: I've Lived Out There With The Guys' and Silver Star Recipient a Reluctant Hero tomorrow and I also still have to read Female correspondents' code of silence, finally broken.

In regard to books, I'll probably leave Steel Boats, Iron Hearts: The Wartime Saga of Hans Goebeler and U-505 (I'm pretty sure I said that before but... that's the German submarine put on display in Chicago and the one my grandfather served on in WWII) be for another couple of weeks, in favor of finally reading Kate Adie's Into Danger: Risking Your Life For Work and working my way through Sense and Sensibility, after I finish John Birmingham's Final Impact (which, by the way, is part of his Axis of Time trilogy and more importantly features extraordinarily strong, vivid and lovable female characters... but yeah, I love that series to pieces, anyway). It's gonna be such a busy month reading wise (and I just had a look at my amazon wishlist and there might be some books I really can't wait to order) but if anyone of you has any suggestions, I'll gladly take them. Everything that's Women's History (and yeah, especially things military and war/foreign correspondents related will be favored very much, along with anything on female explorers) will be appreciated and at least put on the amazon wishlist ;) Give it to me, people!

Edit: OMG, I totally forgot that I still have Eleanor Roosevelt's autobiography to read. I have to finish it this month!
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this is a kind of (belated) Christmas present for me:

“3) If the SGA movie is a go, would you still be involved as the writer and/or producer?”
Answer: I’m sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the SGA movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely.
Mike McGinnis writes: “Is there any chance of the SGA movie anymore if you guys can’t save SGU?”
Answer: See above.  Contrary to what some may think, the cancellation of SGU is very bad news for those looking forward to an Atlantis movie.

Source (via [ profile] wraithfodder

I know that a lot of people on my flist were really looking forward to a Stargate Atlantis movie (and I do feel sorry for you because I know how it is to really, really want something and not get it) but damn, I wasn't. Especially after what Mallozzi said about how Atlantis fared since EATG (in his head, anyway... and only in his head, thank God), I just really, really, really hope that this will finally mean that they will let the franchise rest in peace and give it to the fans. Because, let's face it, we're the ones who actually know what to do with it and how to write it. This is hopefully it for the SGA movie.
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This year, it's the second beta-author anniversary that [ profile] mackenziesmomma and I celebrate and in light of this... I think an ode to my beta is in order. Also, mac already produced one and made me speechless - and, you know, no one makes me speechless - with it, so I guess I need to be extra nice to her ;)

Alright, here we go...

Massive beta praise is massive! And not nearly enough! )


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