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Title: Wishing She Was Somewhere Else Instead
Fandom: Generation Kill/Stargate
Rating: T (language warning, guys. No, seriously.)
Genres: gen, going on to het
Summary: So, last chapter. I do have a couple scenes in my head but I'm not sure if they're enough to be written. If anyone's interested, please tell me?
A/N: "So here she is. About to knock on her superior’s office door to ask him to transfer her to another posting."

( Drowning on Dry Land )

( Better Treat Her Right )

( Break the Door Down )

Wishing She Was Somewhere Else Instead )
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Title: The Answer, My Friend
Fandom: Generation Kill
Rating: M
Genres: gen, Brad/Ray, if you squint. A lot.
Summary: "For a moment, you try to be disgusted with yourself because folk, isn’t that the sentimental, naïve little brother of country, even more retarded?"
A/N:  It's all Joan Baez's fault. Any my parents', because they introduced me to Joan Baez, way back when I was a kid and they were as hippie as you could be as an East German who wanted to keep your job and not go to jail. Thanks so much to my parents for introducing me to Joan Baez (although Ray would probably disagree).

Also, a gift to [ profile] 0_noctifer_0 and a contribution to opening a Generation Kill category over at (once I translated it, that is). Yes.

The Answer, My Friend )
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Title: Break the Door Down
Fandom: Generation Kill/Stargate
Rating: T (language warning, guys. No, seriously.)
Genres: gen, with hints at het
Summary: All Brad Colbert wanted was some quiet but that means nothing if Evan Lorne wants to talk to you.
A/N:  Moah. That was a monster of a story to write. I don't even know why it took me so long to finish it. I blame my job. Anyway, it's done. I sincerly hope you like it. Yes, writing this drained me enough that I can't come up with a more original A/N.

( Drowning on Dry Land )

( Better Treat Her Right )

Break the Door Down )

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Title: Better Treat Her Right
Fandom: Generation Kill/Stargate
Rating: T
Genres: gen
Summary: Sometimes, Dr. Jennifer Keller doesn't mind a little tactical fire support.
A/N: So. I'm not... sure about this. I asked [ profile] hanseatic_keks to look it over and she made a valuable point of some of Colbert's trademark dry wit lacking in the chapter even though there were a few points where I could have inserted it. I did look over the chapter and editted a few parts but... I'm not sure if it really worked. (the main thing is that Jennifer Keller is a female civilian and kind of a figure of authority (at least in a formal way), despite everything and honestly... that's what made this so difficult to figure everything out. I'd be very happy about any input whatsoever. Seriously. I mean it.)

( Drowning on Dry Land )

Better Treat Her Right )
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Eighty Generation Kill icons. No really. I made eighty of 'em and I'm gonna give 'em to you now. Knowing myself, I'll forget to mention half of the sources for textures, so if you recognize some of yours but don't see yourself mentioned, please ping me. Thank you.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Layers of retardation... )

Screencaps from this post by [ profile] oxoniensis and thanks so much to everyone who contributed to it!
Textures by [ profile] blame, [ profile] gfxgurl, [ profile] tinebrella, [ profile] ihearttoronto, [ profile] omochaya and [ profile] kauniimpiminua.
Textless can be used as bases.
Please credit if you use.
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Title: Drowning on Dry Land
Fandom: Generation Kill/Stargate
Rating: T (language warning, guys. No, seriously.)
Genres: gen
Summary: Laura Cadman wouldn't be the first Lieutenant Sergeant Brad Colbert is giving some gentle nudges into the right direction. If she'd just let him.
A/N: Eh. This was inspired both by [ profile] hanseatic_keks who gave me a Generation Kill/Stargate prompt for this year's Holiday Fic Request Meme and thus made me finally read and watch Generation Kill and [ profile] arwen_lune who took that prompt as an inspiration to start Rock Happy which is about the coolest thing I'm currently waiting for to be continued and her idea to use Laura Cadman and Brad Colbert in a fic. Originally, this one was rather supposed to be a one-shot but... my characters apparently love to betray me screw me over surprise me and there were a few other Atlantis characters who wanted to appear in a fic together with Brad Colbert (but then again... who doesn't?) so, uh, this kind of became a 'verse. Going by the name of Joint Fire Support Team *rolls eyes at self

Anyway, this is my first story involving Generation Kill and there are no words for how nervous I'm about it. I'm brand new to the fandom and for some reason, Generation Kill seems to be intimidating as a fandom (although I'm sure you're all great people!) and uh.. be gentle? Please?

Also, anyone finding messed up homophones, please jump on them, trample them down and then hand them to me. I will do with them what they deserve. They are my personal nemesis. (ask my part-time beta, [ profile] mackenziesmomma)

Drowning on Dry Land )
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So. Since the last one went a little... suboptimal (let's not talk of the still missing fics), I thought I'd start a little earlier this year. This will remain fixed here until November 30 (or until it's full) and until that you have a chance to post your prompts. This time around, let me say a couple things. Or just one. Anyway. Let's talk about crack. I don't do it. Or I do but I'm really not good at it. And I don't like to write it. Everything else is fair game. Uh. Until I say otherwise, yeah.

Also, to give you some inspiration, have a look at this:

( Holiday Fic Request Meme 2011 )

before you get to this:

Holiday Fic Request Meme 2012 )


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