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Okay, so since I realized that the amount of fics I have in my LJ has increased surprisingly (and not just because of Fanfic100), I decided to do something I've seen in a few other journals: Give you a post where all of them can be found with title (plus link), summary and short additional info such as pairing or content warnings. Also, all of them are posted in correct reading order, not necessarily writing order and I decided to break them up by category, so here we go:

Stargate )

Star Wars )

Battlestar Galactica )

Leverage )

Warehouse 13 )


The Lord of the Rings )

Firefly )

Harry Potter )

Disney )

Crossover )

PS.: Wholly unrelated to the stories but... if you friend me out of not quite obvious reasons for me (i.e. not being member of one of the communities I'm member of or being a friend of a friend or sharing interests with me), please have the decency to drop me a line why you friended me. Otherwise, I might feel compelled to think you're a bot and I really don't like bots, you know.

Important note regarding my posting policy: 

As of now I actually have a new job and because I'm probably even more paranoid than Fox Mulder, I will post more or less all entries regarding personal issues as friendslocked. I might even decide to f-lock the journal in general and only post the fannish entries as public. Anyway, if any of you lurkers would like to read the personal life entries as well, please notify (either here in the comments or via private message) and friend me.
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At Pottermore, that is. It's all [ profile] hanseatic_keks's fault that I signed up and now I want other lemmings those on my flist who are Harry Potter fans to join! Anyone who's on there and here on the flist, add me (RuneMirror3850), please? Yes?
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Anyone of you who can find me an affordable nice-looking wearable quality Ravenclaw women's shirt in size M with this crest (the real one, as opposed to the movie one which sucks because seriously, haven't they read the goddamn books?):

Cut because of picture and stuff. )

Also, totally unrelated: LJ cuts are back to being normal! Let's all hope they keep it at that...
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So. Since the last one went a little... suboptimal (let's not talk of the still missing fics), I thought I'd start a little earlier this year. This will remain fixed here until November 30 (or until it's full) and until that you have a chance to post your prompts. This time around, let me say a couple things. Or just one. Anyway. Let's talk about crack. I don't do it. Or I do but I'm really not good at it. And I don't like to write it. Everything else is fair game. Uh. Until I say otherwise, yeah.

Also, to give you some inspiration, have a look at this:

( Holiday Fic Request Meme 2011 )

before you get to this:

Holiday Fic Request Meme 2012 )
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Title: When Sentiment is left to Chance
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: T
Genres: het
Recipient: [ profile] rareb
Prompt: Harry Potter, OCs, A Gryffindor student and a Slytherin student falling in love with each other, No place for beginners or sentimental hearts
Summary: He lost a leg at El Alamein and he's drugged up to his filthy collar. But he recognized her right away.
A/N: Holiday Fic Request Meme.  Oof. I made it until Boxing Day. But I'm really not sure if I can fill the rest of December the way I could fill it until now. Because, see, the buffer is empty right now and there are still five days to go and I have to work Dec 27 to Dec 31 and seriously, I don't know if I can make it. I sincerely hope there's no one who'll mind if their remaining stories will see the light of LJ a little later than their actual publication date :S

When Sentiment is left to Chance )

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Title: String the Harp and Join the Chorus
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: K+
Genres: gen
Recipient: [ profile] rareb
Prompt: Harry Potter, Lavinia McNeil, Try me.
Summary: It's Christmas. And Christmas means going to O'Leary house. Orion Yaxley won't know what hits him.
A/N: Holiday Fic Request Meme. For everyone who has no idea what this is about: it's a little addendum to [ profile] rareb's and my opus magnum Haven't Thought of You Lately (not finished yet but far along enough that this will make sense if you read it). Lavinia's a halfblood and former Hufflepuff (written by yours truly), Orion's a pureblood and former Slytherin (written by [ profile] rareb). It's their first Christmas as a couple. At the house of Lavinia's family on her mother's side, the O'Learys (the wizard side). It's going to be a lot of fun for Orion!

String the Harp and Join the Chorus )

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Title: If it Wasn’t for Your Misfortunes
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: K+
Genres: gen
Recipient: [ profile] rareb
Prompt: Harry Potter, OC, Orgy - Blue Monday
Summary: She's a Ravenclaw. This war thing... that's just not in her focus right now.
A/N: Holiday Fic Request Meme. [ profile] rareb asked for a Harry Potter OC that wasn't either of the OCs we wrote before in Haven't Thought of You Lately and since I realized that we never really wrote a Ravenclaw, it was clear where the OC was in. It's been a while since I wrote anything Harry Potter, so I felt a little rusty. What do you think?

If it Wasn't for Your Misfortunes )
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Stolen borrowed from [ profile] abvj:


Comment with: a day, a fandom (can also be crossover), a character/pairing (can also be my OCs... but do try to take someone else than the farm kids, [ profile] mackenziesmomma :P), and a prompt (can be everything from lyrics to pictures) and I will write at least 300 words for you, to be posted on the day you claimed. Any fandom/pairing that I am familiar with is fair game (just look up my interests in my profile and the comms I'm a member of), but I might ask you to choose another prompt if you leave something I feel uncomfortable writing, or if it is a fandom I haven't been into in a while. You can, of course, request more than one.

(and no, I haven't forgotten the other still open meme prompts, such as this one)

December 1 - [ profile] abvj, Leverage, Parker, like a blister in the sun
December 2 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, EUReKA, Zane Donovan/Jo Lupo, a forever
December 3 - [ profile] sgteam14283, The Lord of the Rings, Faramir/Eowyn, The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
December 4 - [ profile] yappichick, Star Wars, Delvin Sandwalker, anything with him being a badass
December 5 - [ profile] ancient_leah, Stargate, Laura Cadman/Carson Beckett, If the first kiss was a lie and the last kiss made you cry well then for god's sake get away tonight
December 6 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Stargate/Army Wives, Evan Lorne and Chase Moran, Special Ops training
December 7 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Star Wars/Stargate, Delvin Sandwalker and Evan Lorne, playing nice with others
December 8 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Joe Simmons and the boys, Tell me have you ever wanted/Someone so much it hurts?
December 9 - [ profile] apinkpanthress, Stargate/Leverage, Evan Lorne and Eliot Spencer, beneath a comfortable blanket of ongoing death and destruction
December 10 - [ profile] hanseatic_keks, Stargate/Army Wives, Rodney McKay and Katie Moran, those kids were going to be the death of him
December 11 - [ profile] 02thedestiny1, Firefly, River Tam, Reamonn - Through the Eyes of a Child
December 12 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Anna Williamson, For passion tempts and troubles me/A wayward will misleads
December 13 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Battlestar Galactica, Helo/Sharon, how the couch got into Sharon's cell
December 14 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Evan Lorne  (and Thomas Moore, Joe Simmons or John Sheppard), I am the great and powerful Oz, fear me!
December 15 - [ profile] rodlox, Warehouse 13, the Bering family, a million thank-yous and bonus points if you can tie in Vitus Bering
December 16 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Leverage/Stargate, Eliot Spencer and Laura Cadman, More alike than you know
December 17 - [ profile] failegaidin, Stargate, Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne, I'd rather kiss you than yell at you.
December 18 - [ profile] pingulotta, Warehouse 13, Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering, Katzenjammer - Play My Darling Play
December 19 - [ profile] rareb, Harry Potter, OC (not Lavinia or any other EDeN character), Orgy - Blue Monday
December 20 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Thomas Moore and Laura Greenspan, Come on you're my best friend what was I supposed to do lock you away in the tallest room of the highest tower and beset you with a dragon?
December 21 - [ profile] rodlox, Leverage/Warehouse 13, Parker and H.G. Wells, Parker and H.G. watching Stargate Universe
December 22 - [ profile] keylafirefly, Mulan, Fa Mulan, I never want to see a naked man again.
December 23 - [ profile] rareb, Harry Potter, Lavinia McNeil, Try me.
December 24 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, PAS/MC cast, a time that Christmas wasn't quite what they imagined
December 25 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Stargate, Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman and Kassandra Wilson/Joe Simmons, Are you serious? I'm your knight in shining armor!
December 26 - [ profile] rareb, Harry Potter, OCs, A Gryffindor student and a Slytherin student falling in love with each other, No place for beginners or sentimental hearts
December 27 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Stargate, Joe Simmons/Kassandra Wilson, best/worst day of their lives
December 28 - [ profile] pingulotta, Warehouse 13/Iron Man, Claudia Donovan and Tony Stark (bonus points if H. G. Wells makes an appearance), The suit is not an artifact. -  Not yet...
December 29 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Charlie and Anna Williamson, the shower is big enough for six
December 30 - [ profile] hanseatic_keks, Stargate/Army Wives, Katie Moran and Ronon Dex, my daddy is more bad ass than you
December 31 - [ profile] apinkpanthress, Stargate, Evan Lorne and Laura Cadman, Rodney also knew that she was sorts of off-limit because Lorne would kill him if he tried anything stupid on her
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I really tried to talk myself out of this one because of the topic of the question but [ profile] mackenziesmomma wouldn't let me chicken out so I figured I should just get it over with write it and be done with it. Also, until now I tried to find a fitting song for the aformentioned story tag for [ profile] ancient_leah but I feel so alone without my laptop and my music and most of all my playlists (oh God, the playlists! They were so many I actually had to scroll, even in half screen size oh God) and isn't really helpful, either so I can just as well write another "30 Days" entry until I get a new laptop (hopefully in the next two weeks because seriously, I don't think I can make the big bang otherwise). So here we go.

First eleven under cut because the list of answered questions threatens to become longer than the actual answer... )

And the newest one:

12. In what story did you feel you did the best job of worldbuilding? Any side-notes on it you’d like to share?

Brave new worlds... )

Anyway... any of my verses you'd like to have included this? Any verses you didn't like, regarding world building? Give it all to me!
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

No idea, and quite frankly, I don't care, either. Harry was never my favorite character - in fact, ever since Book Five I found him to be incredibly bratty and irritating - and I really couldn't care less what's he going to do or not do now. I always liked Hermione best and I'm an avid Draco/Hermione shipper (always was, always will be, don't ship anyone else... okay, apart from Orion and Lavinia in that magnum opus I'm writing with [ profile] rareb) and quite frankly, the rest can go and hang themselves for all I care.

Why, yes, I'm still bitter about how Book Seven turned out, why do you ask?
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until I started my first "30 Days of.." meme, I mean. I really tried to keep away from them, you know, but... oh well. Today I found a "30 Days of Writing" meme in Corinne Duyvis' blog (who said she snagged it from Mercedes M. Yardley) and decided that this was one I could actually do because it allows me to ramble talk about one of my favorite topics of all times: writing. So... here we go:

30 Days of Writing Questions

1. Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you’ve worked with and why.

"I don't have favorite writing projects. Parents don't have favorite children either, do they?" )


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