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Okay, so since I realized that the amount of fics I have in my LJ has increased surprisingly (and not just because of Fanfic100), I decided to do something I've seen in a few other journals: Give you a post where all of them can be found with title (plus link), summary and short additional info such as pairing or content warnings. Also, all of them are posted in correct reading order, not necessarily writing order and I decided to break them up by category, so here we go:

Stargate )

Star Wars )

Battlestar Galactica )

Leverage )

Warehouse 13 )


The Lord of the Rings )

Firefly )

Harry Potter )

Disney )

Crossover )

PS.: Wholly unrelated to the stories but... if you friend me out of not quite obvious reasons for me (i.e. not being member of one of the communities I'm member of or being a friend of a friend or sharing interests with me), please have the decency to drop me a line why you friended me. Otherwise, I might feel compelled to think you're a bot and I really don't like bots, you know.

Important note regarding my posting policy: 

As of now I actually have a new job and because I'm probably even more paranoid than Fox Mulder, I will post more or less all entries regarding personal issues as friendslocked. I might even decide to f-lock the journal in general and only post the fannish entries as public. Anyway, if any of you lurkers would like to read the personal life entries as well, please notify (either here in the comments or via private message) and friend me.
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So. Since the last one went a little... suboptimal (let's not talk of the still missing fics), I thought I'd start a little earlier this year. This will remain fixed here until November 30 (or until it's full) and until that you have a chance to post your prompts. This time around, let me say a couple things. Or just one. Anyway. Let's talk about crack. I don't do it. Or I do but I'm really not good at it. And I don't like to write it. Everything else is fair game. Uh. Until I say otherwise, yeah.

Also, to give you some inspiration, have a look at this:

( Holiday Fic Request Meme 2011 )

before you get to this:

Holiday Fic Request Meme 2012 )
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Title: Close Encounters of Another Kind
Fandom: Warehouse 13/Leverage
Rating: K+
Genres: gen
Recipient: [ profile] rodlox
Prompt: Leverage/Warehouse 13, Parker and H.G. Wells, Parker and H.G. watching Stargate Universe
Summary: Television is something that keeps fascinating Helena.
A/N: Holiday Fic Request Meme. That was fun to write! No, seriously, once I had the idea for the actual setting, it was fun but honestly? I was very tempted to make it Wormhole Extreme: Universe... What? I told you my mind is hardwired to Stargate. And I'm not ashamed of it! Anyway. Hope you have as much fun with it as I had :D

Close Encounters of Another Kind )

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Title: Sometime Yesterday
Fandom: Stargate/Leverage
Rating: K+
Genres: het, apocafic (kinda)
Recipient: [ profile] failegaidin
Prompt: Stargate, Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne, I'd rather kiss you than yell at you.
Summary: Evan Lorne followed a call from Eliot Spencer. He's not sure if it was such a good idea, after all.
A/N: Holiday Fic Request Meme. I admit, not much Leverage in this (and probably the reason why I'll let myself be convinced to write at least another story for this, after all...) but Eliot does play his part and I needed a little closure, at least. We'll see about the rest. Deal?

( For a Better World to Live in )

( With the Left Over You )

Sometime Yesterday )
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Title: With the Left Over You
Fandom: Stargate/Leverage
Rating: K+
Genres: gen, apocafic (kinda)
Recipient: [ profile] mackenziesmomma
Prompt: Leverage/Stargate, Eliot Spencer and Laura Cadman, More alike than you know
Summary: Eliot Spencer is back in the US, in search of his old team. He finds someone else first.
A/N: Holiday Fic Request Meme. Yay, part two of the crossover! And no, no 'verse name for it. As you all know, if you name something, you can't kill it and you have to keep it. I have enough 'verses as it is. I ain't keeping this one. Seriously, I won't. Not... until I'm done with all the other 'verses in the queue. At least. Yes.

( For a Better World to Live in )

With the Left Over You )
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Title: For a Better World to Live in
Fandom: Stargate/Leverage
Rating: K+
Genres: gen, apocafic (kinda)
Recipient: [ profile] apinkpanthress
Prompt: Stargate/Leverage, Evan Lorne and Eliot Spencer, beneath a comfortable blanket of ongoing death and destruction
Summary: It's been five years since Eliot's team split up when the world changed for the worse. He's still not looking for a new one.
A/N: Holiday Fic Request Meme. So. Anyone remember that I said I don't read apocafic when I published the Pandora's Box stories that were apocafic? Well. I did it again. Or I guess I did... anyway, the first of three this is *yoda Let's see how it works.

Edit: Also, that call sign in there? Totally [ profile] mackenziesmomma's idea. And thus also her fault :D

For a Better World to Live in )

Fic: Go On

Dec. 1st, 2011 12:06 am
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Title: Go On
Fandom: Leverage
Rating: K+
Genres: gen
Recipient: [ profile] abvj
Prompt: Leverage, Parker, like a blister in the sun
Summary: You know you can't stay at Archie's. Pre-series.
A/N: So. Holiday Fic Request Meme, here we go. First piece was requested by [ profile] abvj and she threw me a real tough cookie with her prompt. I actually agonized a while over this because, you know, it's the first one and I'd wanted to have at least this one finished to post it on schedule (so far, I have 11 finished and am trying hard to finish a twelvth. I'm still determined to finish them all on time but I'm making no promises. Deal?). This fic only came to you because [ profile] mackenziesmomma pushed me in the right direction. Just saying.

Go On )
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Stolen borrowed from [ profile] abvj:


Comment with: a day, a fandom (can also be crossover), a character/pairing (can also be my OCs... but do try to take someone else than the farm kids, [ profile] mackenziesmomma :P), and a prompt (can be everything from lyrics to pictures) and I will write at least 300 words for you, to be posted on the day you claimed. Any fandom/pairing that I am familiar with is fair game (just look up my interests in my profile and the comms I'm a member of), but I might ask you to choose another prompt if you leave something I feel uncomfortable writing, or if it is a fandom I haven't been into in a while. You can, of course, request more than one.

(and no, I haven't forgotten the other still open meme prompts, such as this one)

December 1 - [ profile] abvj, Leverage, Parker, like a blister in the sun
December 2 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, EUReKA, Zane Donovan/Jo Lupo, a forever
December 3 - [ profile] sgteam14283, The Lord of the Rings, Faramir/Eowyn, The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
December 4 - [ profile] yappichick, Star Wars, Delvin Sandwalker, anything with him being a badass
December 5 - [ profile] ancient_leah, Stargate, Laura Cadman/Carson Beckett, If the first kiss was a lie and the last kiss made you cry well then for god's sake get away tonight
December 6 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Stargate/Army Wives, Evan Lorne and Chase Moran, Special Ops training
December 7 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Star Wars/Stargate, Delvin Sandwalker and Evan Lorne, playing nice with others
December 8 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Joe Simmons and the boys, Tell me have you ever wanted/Someone so much it hurts?
December 9 - [ profile] apinkpanthress, Stargate/Leverage, Evan Lorne and Eliot Spencer, beneath a comfortable blanket of ongoing death and destruction
December 10 - [ profile] hanseatic_keks, Stargate/Army Wives, Rodney McKay and Katie Moran, those kids were going to be the death of him
December 11 - [ profile] 02thedestiny1, Firefly, River Tam, Reamonn - Through the Eyes of a Child
December 12 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Anna Williamson, For passion tempts and troubles me/A wayward will misleads
December 13 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Battlestar Galactica, Helo/Sharon, how the couch got into Sharon's cell
December 14 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Evan Lorne  (and Thomas Moore, Joe Simmons or John Sheppard), I am the great and powerful Oz, fear me!
December 15 - [ profile] rodlox, Warehouse 13, the Bering family, a million thank-yous and bonus points if you can tie in Vitus Bering
December 16 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Leverage/Stargate, Eliot Spencer and Laura Cadman, More alike than you know
December 17 - [ profile] failegaidin, Stargate, Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne, I'd rather kiss you than yell at you.
December 18 - [ profile] pingulotta, Warehouse 13, Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering, Katzenjammer - Play My Darling Play
December 19 - [ profile] rareb, Harry Potter, OC (not Lavinia or any other EDeN character), Orgy - Blue Monday
December 20 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Thomas Moore and Laura Greenspan, Come on you're my best friend what was I supposed to do lock you away in the tallest room of the highest tower and beset you with a dragon?
December 21 - [ profile] rodlox, Leverage/Warehouse 13, Parker and H.G. Wells, Parker and H.G. watching Stargate Universe
December 22 - [ profile] keylafirefly, Mulan, Fa Mulan, I never want to see a naked man again.
December 23 - [ profile] rareb, Harry Potter, Lavinia McNeil, Try me.
December 24 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, PAS/MC cast, a time that Christmas wasn't quite what they imagined
December 25 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Stargate, Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman and Kassandra Wilson/Joe Simmons, Are you serious? I'm your knight in shining armor!
December 26 - [ profile] rareb, Harry Potter, OCs, A Gryffindor student and a Slytherin student falling in love with each other, No place for beginners or sentimental hearts
December 27 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Stargate, Joe Simmons/Kassandra Wilson, best/worst day of their lives
December 28 - [ profile] pingulotta, Warehouse 13/Iron Man, Claudia Donovan and Tony Stark (bonus points if H. G. Wells makes an appearance), The suit is not an artifact. -  Not yet...
December 29 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Charlie and Anna Williamson, the shower is big enough for six
December 30 - [ profile] hanseatic_keks, Stargate/Army Wives, Katie Moran and Ronon Dex, my daddy is more bad ass than you
December 31 - [ profile] apinkpanthress, Stargate, Evan Lorne and Laura Cadman, Rodney also knew that she was sorts of off-limit because Lorne would kill him if he tried anything stupid on her
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Since I vaguely annonced in one of my latest story posts that I would do another "30 Days" post in the next couple of weeks and I have a spare day today and [ profile] mackenziesmomma poked tentatively asked me to write one, I'm hereby doing exactly that (even though I'd rather like to write a post on how stupid the statement "There are only very few "legal" ways to stalk a person" is, seeing as [ profile] rareb and I once found out real name, real address, real trained for job and real current job of a girl from that forum with only her forum nick and forum profile in a little unter 30 minutes... but I guess there will be time for that later). Yes. But first of all, all answered questions:

1. Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you’ve worked with and why.
2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?
3. How do you come up with names, for characters (and for places if you’re writing about fictional places)?

4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

5. By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?

6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol’ pen and paper?

7. Do you listen to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your characters?

8. What’s your favorite genre to write? To read?

9. How do you get ideas for your characters? Describe the process of creating them.

And that's the current one:

10. What are some really weird situations your characters have been in? Everything from serious canon scenes to meme questions counts!

'Das ist der vielleicht surrealste Moment meines gesamten bisherigen Lebens, und zugleich der albernste.' )
PS.: BTW, if you (not you, [ profile] mackenziesmomma because you'll sic them on me anyway) have any suggestions for cracky or at least weird stories, don't hesitate to tell me. I might write them after all :)

PPS.: Also, I think I just developed the wish to see other peoples' characters in really weird situation, such as [ profile] ancient_leah's Team Kemp, for example. Mh...
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Title: Take You Higher
Fandom: Leverage
Characters, Pairings: Eliot, Parker, Eliot/Parker
Word Count: 1,109
Rating: T, to be on the safe side
They were supposed to take the direct road from A to B... but Parker wanted the scenic route. And what Parker wants, Parker gets.
Author's Notes: This is just a silly little something I wrote after being inspired by the song I used (and which is not related to the Fragments 'verse)... and my beta [ profile] mackenziesmomma tried to bribe me after the end... ah, just read it ;)

Anyway, as always: Not a native speaker, so please excuse any weird grammatical constructions, run-ons and typos. Feedback will earn you a cookie, flames will roast my marshmellows.

Take You Higher )


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Leverage and Eureka icons! \o/ Yay! Leverage is everyone, Eureka icons are mostly Tess, Zane and Jo, with Allison and Sheriff Andy (the Kavan Smith version... although I still have difficulties getting used to him in that role... major difference from his usual roles). Well, here we go:

[20] Leverage
[30] Eureka


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

No, I still don't like Allison/Jack. Makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! )

Leverage screencaps by [ profile] cybel, Eureka screencaps by [ profile] zxfactor
Textures by [ profile] electricskies[ profile] behindboston and [ profile] brucksi
Textless can be used as bases.
Please credit when you use.
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 21:10 OH MY GOOD I FELT SOME WIND! Maybe we'll get one of those thunderstorms they've been promising us for WEEKS after all. PLEASE! #
  • 21:52 Oh, wow, there's lighning all over the sky. But I just BET we only get the lightning but not the rain and the temperature decrease. GRRR! #
  • 22:20 *stares at dad's computer Come ON, I want to watch the #Warehouse13 Season Premiere. What do you mean, I should finish watching S01 first? #
  • 22:51 Just saw sneak peak preview for next week's #Leverage ep. Am hooked. Can't wait to see it. WANT IT RIGHT NOW! @ChristianKane01 singing! WHEE #
  • 23:24 Watching #Warehouse13 S02 Premiere... Pete's making an ass of himself. I love it when he does that :D He's so adorkable! #
  • 23:30 Why does Claudia of #Warehouse13 remind me so much of #Leverage's Parker? Oh right... they're both insane. Kinda no brainer. #
  • 23:32 Pete! No kissing other women! Kissing women who aren't Myka always results in shenanigans! See! I TOLD you! #Warehouse13 #
  • 23:47 Oh God, I love Myka and Pete together! So much snarky goodness! Really, haven't heard su much good snark in AGES. #Warehouse13 #
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And what do you get? Exactly! Icons! Kinda spoilers for 3.02, though. (I could also give you fic but the only finished one I have in the buffer is still sitting with my beta - and no, [ profile] mackenziesmomma, I did not just give you the permission to go back to your workaholic habits - and the other ones I have aren't even close to be finished... and that includes the one for [ profile] thebigbangjob :S... also, since I write Parker/Eliot I'm just a bit on edge with the Parker/Hardison direction they're currently trying to take the show into... anyway, enough with the babbling)

And yes, I really do like experimenting with textures, why do you ask?


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Yes, I'm a lurker. It's my thing. )

Amazing screencaps by [ profile] zxfactor from [ profile] burgundy_shoes 
Textures by [ profile] joel_le[ profile] gfxgurl[ profile] innocent_lexys[ profile] behindboston[ profile] bostonstage[ profile] emonet25, and [ profile] jay12 (in case anyone recognizes theirs and doesn't see their name here, just leave me a comment and I'll edit it :))
Textless can be used as bases.
Please credit when you use them :)
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 00:20 OK, mom's in bed now and OOOOH, is Eliot SEXY in #Leverage 3x02. Also... Fred is hopping up & down VERY excitedly, @mackenziesmomma. Scary. #
  • 00:29 One day... one day Hardison WILL put his fist into Eliot's face. Or try to, anyway. Unsuccessfully, of course. #Leverage #
  • 13:18 Yay, 'nother royal wedding! RT @Batteriechef: RT @dpa_infoline: Die nächste Royal-Hochzeit steht an: Fürst Albert... #
  • 13:28 Mh. Is it just me or is "Der Reibert" not exactly grade A research material for a Stargate story? Even if it's the newest edition... #
  • 13:43 Also, deleting a story w/o a comment after message from me? Kinda... ridiculous. Or is that just b/c it's gonna be back soon? Hopefully not. #
  • 14:33 AAAAAW! RT @SPIEGEL_English: World Cup Forecasts: Paul the Octopus Predicts a German Advance... - #
  • 15:13 I never realized how much I hate Dean/Rory. I hate Dean & the way he treats Rory & I think it's only surpassed by my hate for Lorelai/Chris. #
  • 18:03 Whoa, #usa is first in their preliminaries group? I'm... much more than just slightly impressed, I have to. #worldcup #
  • 19:24 RT @serienjunkies: Serienfans erkennt man beim Sex daran, dass sie zwischendurch Pause machen & weitermachen mit "Was bisher geschah...." #
  • 19:30 Took Obama long enough... RT @Reuters: FLASH:Gen David Petraeus to replace McChrystal as Afghan commander -CNN #
  • 21:04 JESUS EFFING CHRIST I CAN'T BEAR TO WATCH THIS! Yes, it's #ger vs. #gha. What did YOU think? #
  • 21:08 BUT I honestly love @zeitonlinesport. Quoting other commentators instead of commenting the game is certainly very avantgarde :D #
  • 21:11 Aaaand... we're starting with the yellow cards. First one goes to #gha. Anyone wanting to bet when #ger will get the first? #
  • 21:13 Yep, yellow card number 1 for #ger. Guys, be careful, you know. Some yellow cards ARE justified. Also... OMGICANTWATCHTHISAAAAAAARGH! #
  • 21:18 Dear #ger team, a tie will do nothing for you. PLEASE do us all a favor and WIN this game. #usa won their's with a goal during extra time... #
  • 21:34 I agree... RT @Batteriechef: Sag ich doch. @heiko: jetzt ballack einwechseln. #surprise #ger #
  • 21:47 And it sounds like New Year's Eve here. Or downtown Bagdad. Take your pick. God, I love Berlin ;) #
  • 21:48 Eloquent as ever, the ZEIT editors :D RT @zeitonline: YES! 1:0 #
  • 21:51 OMG I can't watch this. 20 minutes of torture still to go. My nerves. MY GODDAMN FUCKING NERVES DON'T DO THIS TO ME GUYS! #
  • 22:21 ALTER! They got through the preliminaries. THANK GOD! And now it's REALLY like New Year's Eve outside. Complete with fireworks & everything. #
  • 22:34 I'm starting to wonder what people will do if #ger does make it into finale. Seriously, people in the neighborhood are currently FREAKING. #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 14:37 Apparently, you really ARE never too old to follow your dream: (via @wlwt) - makes my eye go wet a little... #
  • 15:14 OMGWTFLEVERAGESEASON3PREMIEREINHDTV! AND on a 40'' flat screen. I think I just died and went to #Leverage heaven. ELIOT IN HD! OMG! *fangirl #
  • 15:21 "You stabbed me!" - "Oh come on, just a little. It's fine." - OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH #LEVERAGE! I'm so glad their finally back. #
  • 15:47 Oooh, Bonano is back! This #Leverage fangirl is straight on the road to eternal fangirl bliss. And it's just the Season PREMIERE! #
  • 16:14 And while I wait for #Leverage 3x02 to load... I'm FINALLY catching up on #Flashpoint. Yes, I'm as far behind as S02. How could I DO that? #
  • 19:32 Just great. I tried working w/ layer masks, added one... and am now at the "What now?" point? Argh. #
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Not about soccer. Even though Germany just won their first World Cup game this year (against Australia, 4:0... WHEEEEEEEEE!). Yes. Erm. Icons. Here and now.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Ooooh, gimme hope, Joachim, gimme ho... wait. NOT about soccer. Only icons. And a wallpaper. )

Screencaps by [ profile] zxfactor and [ profile] sky_angel22
Textures by [ profile] vienna_blood[ profile] eunkyung[ profile] behindboston[ profile] coffeestudies and [ profile] jay12 
Textless can be used as bases.
Please credit if you take.
Feedback is love :)
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Title: Reconcile the Violence
Fandom: Leverage
Characters, Pairings: Eliot, Parker, Eliot/Parker
Word Count: 2,133
Rating: K+
Eliot continues to puzzle Parker. As does that strange thing called 'love'. Follow up/wrap up to 'Fragments', but can also stand alone.
Author's Notes: So, I did say I'd wanted to write a story from Parker's perspective so here it is (and uh... I'm a little anxious about it). It's kind of a wrap up to the Fragments, this time with Parker's eyes. I do have an idea for a multi-chapter story to follow this (I also... happened to sign it up for [ profile] thebigbangjob), if anyone is interested. Oh, and also maybe a Stargate Atlantis/Leverage crossover that's all [ profile] mackenziesmomma's fault (she called the bunny Fred... Fred is a vicious little thing with beady eyes that glares at me... um, you know what I mean). Yeah.

PS.: Another Leverage story inspired by an Eliot/Parker fanvid... the link's in the story :)

Oh, dang, nearly forgot it... this is also the master post for the Fragments series:

( Need Another Story )

You Can Dance )

If It Happened To You )

What a Diff'rence )

You Amaze Me )

Reconcile the Violence )
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Here we go! (and yes, it's fully unintentional that there are so many Eliot icons. Absolutely. No, really.)


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

They provide... leverage. )
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 00:26 OMG, FINALLY got to see #Leverage promo. SQUEE! It's so very good to see new footage! I want MORE! Now off to writing fanfic... #
  • 16:51 Yay! Another bit of #Leverage promo on Facebook: God, I LOVE Parker :D #
  • 17:05 Oh wow, FINALLY there's a Region 2 release date for #Leverage. What took you so long, guys? You have an audience in Europe, too! #
  • 17:25 ...oops. I just kind of... placed a big DVD order on But yeah, OK, I'd been wanting to do that for weeks now, anyway so WTH? #
  • 22:32 RT @WomenMarines: When Janey Comes Marching Home: Portraits of Women Combat Veterans #
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