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Okay, so since I realized that the amount of fics I have in my LJ has increased surprisingly (and not just because of Fanfic100), I decided to do something I've seen in a few other journals: Give you a post where all of them can be found with title (plus link), summary and short additional info such as pairing or content warnings. Also, all of them are posted in correct reading order, not necessarily writing order and I decided to break them up by category, so here we go:

Stargate )

Star Wars )

Battlestar Galactica )

Leverage )

Warehouse 13 )


The Lord of the Rings )

Firefly )

Harry Potter )

Disney )

Crossover )

PS.: Wholly unrelated to the stories but... if you friend me out of not quite obvious reasons for me (i.e. not being member of one of the communities I'm member of or being a friend of a friend or sharing interests with me), please have the decency to drop me a line why you friended me. Otherwise, I might feel compelled to think you're a bot and I really don't like bots, you know.

Important note regarding my posting policy: 

As of now I actually have a new job and because I'm probably even more paranoid than Fox Mulder, I will post more or less all entries regarding personal issues as friendslocked. I might even decide to f-lock the journal in general and only post the fannish entries as public. Anyway, if any of you lurkers would like to read the personal life entries as well, please notify (either here in the comments or via private message) and friend me.
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Title: Wishing She Was Somewhere Else Instead
Fandom: Generation Kill/Stargate
Rating: T (language warning, guys. No, seriously.)
Genres: gen, going on to het
Summary: So, last chapter. I do have a couple scenes in my head but I'm not sure if they're enough to be written. If anyone's interested, please tell me?
A/N: "So here she is. About to knock on her superior’s office door to ask him to transfer her to another posting."

( Drowning on Dry Land )

( Better Treat Her Right )

( Break the Door Down )

Wishing She Was Somewhere Else Instead )
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Title: Sometime Yesterday
Fandom: Stargate/Leverage
Rating: K+
Genres: het, apocafic (kinda)
Recipient: [ profile] failegaidin
Prompt: Stargate, Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne, I'd rather kiss you than yell at you.
Summary: Evan Lorne followed a call from Eliot Spencer. He's not sure if it was such a good idea, after all.
A/N: Holiday Fic Request Meme. I admit, not much Leverage in this (and probably the reason why I'll let myself be convinced to write at least another story for this, after all...) but Eliot does play his part and I needed a little closure, at least. We'll see about the rest. Deal?

( For a Better World to Live in )

( With the Left Over You )

Sometime Yesterday )
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Title: Defining Moments: Some Brand New Luck
Fandom: Stargate
Rating: K+
Genres: Drama
Summary: Hopefully last appearance of TLM!Lorne, having been invited to a friends' house and trying not to be too bitter. It has been eight years since Laura died, after all.
A/N: Okay, I promise this is going to be TLM!Lorne's last appearance (he always wears me out... I still cry when hearing Annie Lennox's Into the West, even over three years after writing You And I Will Meet Again), so I made sure it was the story [ profile] ancient_leah requested (she wanted to see him happy, just for once). It takes place eight years after Laura died and three years after Time Keeps Burning On and we're back with Matthew Kemp and Jenna Kemp neé Wells. Also, I have a feeling I actually need to edit a couple of things in The Faith That Cleans Your Wound after this story...

Also, I decided to finally give Defining Moments its own fic index, which is this post. You can start by clicking on the first link and read it and eventually get "back" to this story (I usually connect all stories in a series so one doesn't need to get back to any indexes) or go directly to the story, if you know the rest. Just thought I'd give you a heads up because it's somewhere inbetween, not at the top or the bottom. Just sayin'. Anyway. On to the index/story now.

( The Faith That Cleans Your Wound )

Some Brand New Luck )

( All Of My Heart )

( Never Gonna Say Again )

( Time Keeps Burning On )

( Like a Song Without a Melody )

( You And I Will Meet Again )

( If It Kills Me )
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Stolen borrowed from [ profile] abvj:


Comment with: a day, a fandom (can also be crossover), a character/pairing (can also be my OCs... but do try to take someone else than the farm kids, [ profile] mackenziesmomma :P), and a prompt (can be everything from lyrics to pictures) and I will write at least 300 words for you, to be posted on the day you claimed. Any fandom/pairing that I am familiar with is fair game (just look up my interests in my profile and the comms I'm a member of), but I might ask you to choose another prompt if you leave something I feel uncomfortable writing, or if it is a fandom I haven't been into in a while. You can, of course, request more than one.

(and no, I haven't forgotten the other still open meme prompts, such as this one)

December 1 - [ profile] abvj, Leverage, Parker, like a blister in the sun
December 2 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, EUReKA, Zane Donovan/Jo Lupo, a forever
December 3 - [ profile] sgteam14283, The Lord of the Rings, Faramir/Eowyn, The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
December 4 - [ profile] yappichick, Star Wars, Delvin Sandwalker, anything with him being a badass
December 5 - [ profile] ancient_leah, Stargate, Laura Cadman/Carson Beckett, If the first kiss was a lie and the last kiss made you cry well then for god's sake get away tonight
December 6 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Stargate/Army Wives, Evan Lorne and Chase Moran, Special Ops training
December 7 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Star Wars/Stargate, Delvin Sandwalker and Evan Lorne, playing nice with others
December 8 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Joe Simmons and the boys, Tell me have you ever wanted/Someone so much it hurts?
December 9 - [ profile] apinkpanthress, Stargate/Leverage, Evan Lorne and Eliot Spencer, beneath a comfortable blanket of ongoing death and destruction
December 10 - [ profile] hanseatic_keks, Stargate/Army Wives, Rodney McKay and Katie Moran, those kids were going to be the death of him
December 11 - [ profile] 02thedestiny1, Firefly, River Tam, Reamonn - Through the Eyes of a Child
December 12 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Anna Williamson, For passion tempts and troubles me/A wayward will misleads
December 13 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Battlestar Galactica, Helo/Sharon, how the couch got into Sharon's cell
December 14 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Evan Lorne  (and Thomas Moore, Joe Simmons or John Sheppard), I am the great and powerful Oz, fear me!
December 15 - [ profile] rodlox, Warehouse 13, the Bering family, a million thank-yous and bonus points if you can tie in Vitus Bering
December 16 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Leverage/Stargate, Eliot Spencer and Laura Cadman, More alike than you know
December 17 - [ profile] failegaidin, Stargate, Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne, I'd rather kiss you than yell at you.
December 18 - [ profile] pingulotta, Warehouse 13, Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering, Katzenjammer - Play My Darling Play
December 19 - [ profile] rareb, Harry Potter, OC (not Lavinia or any other EDeN character), Orgy - Blue Monday
December 20 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Thomas Moore and Laura Greenspan, Come on you're my best friend what was I supposed to do lock you away in the tallest room of the highest tower and beset you with a dragon?
December 21 - [ profile] rodlox, Leverage/Warehouse 13, Parker and H.G. Wells, Parker and H.G. watching Stargate Universe
December 22 - [ profile] keylafirefly, Mulan, Fa Mulan, I never want to see a naked man again.
December 23 - [ profile] rareb, Harry Potter, Lavinia McNeil, Try me.
December 24 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, PAS/MC cast, a time that Christmas wasn't quite what they imagined
December 25 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Stargate, Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman and Kassandra Wilson/Joe Simmons, Are you serious? I'm your knight in shining armor!
December 26 - [ profile] rareb, Harry Potter, OCs, A Gryffindor student and a Slytherin student falling in love with each other, No place for beginners or sentimental hearts
December 27 - [ profile] sgteam14283, Stargate, Joe Simmons/Kassandra Wilson, best/worst day of their lives
December 28 - [ profile] pingulotta, Warehouse 13/Iron Man, Claudia Donovan and Tony Stark (bonus points if H. G. Wells makes an appearance), The suit is not an artifact. -  Not yet...
December 29 - [ profile] mackenziesmomma, Stargate, Charlie and Anna Williamson, the shower is big enough for six
December 30 - [ profile] hanseatic_keks, Stargate/Army Wives, Katie Moran and Ronon Dex, my daddy is more bad ass than you
December 31 - [ profile] apinkpanthress, Stargate, Evan Lorne and Laura Cadman, Rodney also knew that she was sorts of off-limit because Lorne would kill him if he tried anything stupid on her
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Title: Pandora's Box: Can't Forget the War (8/8)
Fandom: Stargate
Rating: T
Genres: drama, hurt/comfort, het
Summary: Apocafic/AU - One year later, and Laura Cadman and Evan Lorne have to learn that C4 - emotional one, in this case - lasts longer than only a few weeks.
A/N: Well. This is the last one of the "original" Pandora's Box pieces. I've written the prologue to a multi-chapter follow-up to this one, taking place... oh, wait, maybe read the story first. But I'm sure then you can also guess yourself where the next one would most probably be set. And I'd actually write it (probably as one of the million pieces I use to distract myself from the [ profile] het_bigbang story *head desks)... does anyone want to read it?

Anyway, just like all Pandora's Box pieces, this is unbeated but hopefully still okay :)

( Shards Instead of Glass )

( Find Peace Tonight )

( What You Call Hell )

( It's Never Like That in Reality )

( Go Home )

( Better Times )

( So Much Broken )

Can't Forget the War )
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Title: Protect and Survive I: Might Just Save Your Life (Epilogue)
Fandom: Stargate
Rating: K+
Genres: action/adventure, drama
Summary: Laura Cadman thought she came back to Atlantis for Carson Beckett... but things aren't really happening as planned, thanks to our favorite Major, Evan Lorne.
A/N: Phew... first part part of the Protect and Survive series is finally finished. Down at the bottom of the epilogue you'll find that there's a already a TBC link. It's one of my stories for [ profile] fanfic100 but also belongs in the PAS verse and kind of prepares the ground for the next multichapter story. So... if you haven't read it yet, maybe read it now?

Might Just Save Your Life Epilogue )
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Title: Midnight Blue: Christmas Day (3/3)
Fandom: Stargate
Rating: T
Genres: Christmas fluff, Lorne/Cadman style.
Summary: This really isn't the kind of Christmas Sergeant Evan Lorne had planned for this year...
A/N: And here we go with part #3 of the NYPD 'verse and this year's Christmas story! And [ profile] mackenziesmomma gave me three profanity stars for this one, so... um... you know... not for the faint of heart, this one and all of that ;)

( Sometimes She's Wrong, Sometimes I'm Right )

( Trying to Protect My Point of View )

Christmas Day )

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Title: Jenna's War I: Screw Up
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: T, to be on the safe side
Genres: Gen, Action/Adventure
Summary: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... there were also people who were neither Jedi nor smugglers nor bounty hunters nor anything else as glamorous as that. Private Jenna Melara, infantry soldier for the Alliance, was one of them. Here's her story.
A/N: I... can't believe I never got around posting the last chapter to this. So, if anyone is actually interested in this story, here's the last chapter. And... there's more, you know. Does anyone want to read more about Jenna and her friends? I'd really, really, really love to read some feedback.

( Screw Up 1/6 )

( Screw Up 2/6 )

( Screw Up 3/6 )

( Screw Up 4/6 )

Screw up 5/6 )


Screw Up 6/6 )
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Title: Reconcile the Violence
Fandom: Leverage
Characters, Pairings: Eliot, Parker, Eliot/Parker
Word Count: 2,133
Rating: K+
Eliot continues to puzzle Parker. As does that strange thing called 'love'. Follow up/wrap up to 'Fragments', but can also stand alone.
Author's Notes: So, I did say I'd wanted to write a story from Parker's perspective so here it is (and uh... I'm a little anxious about it). It's kind of a wrap up to the Fragments, this time with Parker's eyes. I do have an idea for a multi-chapter story to follow this (I also... happened to sign it up for [ profile] thebigbangjob), if anyone is interested. Oh, and also maybe a Stargate Atlantis/Leverage crossover that's all [ profile] mackenziesmomma's fault (she called the bunny Fred... Fred is a vicious little thing with beady eyes that glares at me... um, you know what I mean). Yeah.

PS.: Another Leverage story inspired by an Eliot/Parker fanvid... the link's in the story :)

Oh, dang, nearly forgot it... this is also the master post for the Fragments series:

( Need Another Story )

You Can Dance )

If It Happened To You )

What a Diff'rence )

You Amaze Me )

Reconcile the Violence )
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Title: Brothers in Arms
Fandom: Stargate SG1
Character: Major Evan Lorne
Prompt: #06 Shadow
Word Count: 1.849
Rating: K+
Major Evan Lorne has no clue why Master Sergeant Simon DeLisle still keeps taking crap from his CO, Major Thomas Moore.
Author's Notes:  And here we go with the last Preludes [ profile] 10_ocs piece. And because I just can't write in order, this one takes place before the other three pieces (i.e. DeLisle was the first of Moore's team Lorne met). I wrote this as the last one because the Sergeant proved to be the hardest one, always keeping to himself and all that. I also tried to shed a little light on the year Moore was gone from everyone's radar but... he's very persistent about keeping that a secret and Dee isn't exactly helping either. Also... [ profile] mackenziesmomma and I will definitely go to beta and author hell, respectively. You really should see her snark to the groundwork I give her...

And here's the table.

PS.: Decided to make this the master post to the Preludes, so the links are in correct reading order.


Brothers in Arms )

( All the Great Things )

( Both Sides )

( A Push )
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Okay, in light of me planning a crossover between two of my universes from Fanfic100, I thought it might be a good idea to give you indexes on existing stories in the respective universes so I can refer to them easier when posting chapters of the crossover. Both are given in correct reading order rather than writing order. Here we go:

Shock and Awe and What Made All The Difference indexes )

And now I'll have to find a song so I can start the crossover... oh, and make an icon!
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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Fandom Type: TV Show
Claim: Laura Cadman and Major Lorne
Claim Type: Pairing
Word Count: ~203,000

Follow the Yellow Brick Road... )


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