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when I say gen I fucking mean gen. Not McShep, not any other slash, not even het. Please, for the love of God, fucking stop reccing me stuff that does not correspond with what I'm asking for. I honestly don't know how to say this anymore without outrightly offending you slashers but if this - you reccing me slash although I specifically ask for het or gen, I mean - happens ever again, you will see this in every damn single future request and screw the rules:

Please do not rec me slash. Under no circumstances I want to see a slash rec for this request. Slash recs will be ignored or maybe snarked at, if I feel in the mood. When I want slash, I will let you know. As long as I don't, I do not want to read slash, okay? Okay? Can you please respect that? You're always asking for people to respect slashers, so can you slashers please also respect people who do not want to read slash? I respect you. I don't rec het or gen if you definitely want slash. I don't rec you Lorne/Cadman when you want McShep. I don't rec you OCs when you want McShep. I don't rec you Marines when you want McShep.* So please do not rec me slash (and most of all, most of all, do not ever rec me McShep. I loathe it with the fire of a thousand suns) when I say that I fucking don't want to read it! Read. The fucking. Post.

No love, me.

*Because you know, that seems to be all they're ever asking for. I rejoice for every request that isn't McShep. And yes, this is my journal, I can say whatever the fuck I want here.
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Okay then... I'm at number 13 now and almost done with the first half. I'm not sure if I can finish it this year. Apparently, I couldn't even finish it within a year since I posted the first one on October 9th 2010. But I really do plan on finishing this meme and if it takes me another year. I usually finish what I start and until now I finished more challenges than not (the 10_ocs challenge is still open but its time will come, just like the other ones') and I promise, there will come a day when every question from the meme is up in the link list, not down on the to do list. Okay, on to the next.

Or, okay, first the 12 ones I already answered. )

Oh fine, here's the next:

13. What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?

It's a culture, alright. )

So... am I doing the whole military culture thing right? Anyone got something to tell me about that? Anyone know any culture they'd like me to feature more, despite my usual focus? I'm most interested!
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Today, I had a quite frankly frightening and most of all aggravating conversation with a friend, [ profile] ancient_leah, about writing and reviews. To get it right from the beginning, it wasn't leah who was aggravating me, it was the fact that apparently, good authors like her get so little appreciation in German fandom that they (or in that case, her) are seriously contemplating to go on hiatus and consider to simply stop publishing and maybe even writing.

This is me and my White Knight complex calling out to you... )

PS: Is it just me or did LJ really change the layout of the WYSIWYG menu? And where were all the extra breaks coming from suddenly? *iz confused
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First of all: OMG LIVEJOURNAL YOU'RE BACK OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Let's hope you're working again on all computers I use.

Second: following a couple discussions I had on the actual definition of fanfiction in regard to what to write I think I need another meta post. The thing that started the discussion was my review on a drabble that had a totally OOC Sam Carter (without it having been declared as AU, that is) and the comment another reviewer made, saying that he thought that "fanfiction means you can write whatever you want". I told him that no, this is called original fiction and went on to explain that fanfiction actually means adhering to a specific set up rules, defined by the 'verse you're writing in.

Color me cofused. )

PS.: Because I never said it before and because I vowed to do it as soon as LJ is back up running again; thank you, English speaking fandom, for being what you are. Thank you for being big enough that everyone can find their niche and thank you for holding canon in such a high esteem that even in AUs, "they're so in character!" is still the biggest praise you can get. Thank you for making "Do your goddamn research!" a valid point in criticism and thank you for shaking your head about people who don't do their research because they're too goddamn lazy because you can't imagine research not being an actual part of the writing process and fun. Thank you for being you.

PPS: And what the hell is going on with [ profile] fandomnews? Is it ever coming back? Because I'd love to post this there...
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Now that we all made our (justified) anger known... there's an apology from [ profile] shahar81 and I thought it would only be fair to translate it as well maybe without comment, since, if I'm not mistaken, some of the commenters were English speaking.

I really TRIED not to comment on it, I SWEAR! )

On a side note: [ profile] arielen posted an older article (she said it's from1998) on sexual orientation in fantasy that's a little outdated but still well worth reading, seeing as it's well-phrased and logical. Unfortunately, it's in German and a trifle too long to translate (but take it from me, it really is much more logical than... that other thing). Sorry, guys :S
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So usually, I don't give names and don't link to entries directly when something or someone pisses me off but... yesterday I came across a pretty bad author/reader fuck-up in regard to slash. As we all know, I don't usually read slash, apart from the odd femmeslash (femslash?) piece or here and there and now and then a really good piece of slash that's been mainly written as a story about two people who have feelings for each other, not the "Guh, two hot guys, lets make 'em fuck like bunnies" stuff I usually seem to encounter when I do venture into slash land (and yes, I know I probably just come across the wrong stories, don't worry). But... at least I'm honest about it... and at least I'm not a homophobe in real life (nor am I in fiction, just to make that clear).

Seriously, get off the slashers' side! )

ETA: Look who deleted their post/made it friends only. That was fast. Coward.
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Yeah, yeah, I'm pissed off again. What's gotten her in a snitch now, you're thinking and well, I'm telling you: censorship. No really. I'm not exaggerating.

Art. 5 Abs. 1 GG is what some people should really read again. And again. AND AGAIN. )
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Because, see, I'm kind of tired of pussyfooting around in a certain part of German Stargate fandom. Yes, I think that "Oh, but it's just a hobby!" and "If i'd have to write realistically, I could only write about what I know and that would be boring." are stupid bullshit excuses for laziness and a lack of interest in the sujet you're writing... which is kinda weird because uh, isn't writing something you need to be passionate about, in every aspect of it (i.e. from your characters to the setting, the plot and the language)?

Not for the faint of heart... and those who think they can only be my friend when I'm being all nice. )
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A few days ago, someone (no, you won't get names because I protect my sources) pointed me to a story where I still don't quite know if it's absolutely hilarious or horrific. It's Stargate, and it probably contains the worst Stargate Sue (or maybe even Sues) I ever came across. Okay, usually, I steer clear off Sues in general (with a very special exception... the person in question knows who I mean ;)), so that's probably not saying much but seriously... Worst. Sue. Ever.

However, I felt quite content with simply reading it and oscillating (isn't that a great word?) between laughing my ass off and visibly flinching in horror. But then I came across a detail that played into one of my areas of expertise (well, hobby expertise) and that's everything that has to do with characters with a military background. I tried to tell the perpetrator suethor aspiring author that if she includes characters with a military background she should damn well do her research right but she kept telling me stuff that didn't have anything to do with my observations and dared to tell me I didn't pay attention to her excuses explanations. And yes, I couldn't help getting a little bit acerbic in my last reply (yes, a little... when I flame, it looks totally different, believe me).

Today... I got called on by a mod that "everyone could write as they please and GOD FORBID SOMEONE CRITICISES SOMEONE ELSE INSTEAD OF FALLING ALL OVER THEMSELVES WITH PRAISE (okay, not in that exact wording but you get my meaning, right?). People... what happened to growth as an author? What happened to accepting someone's exhaustive advice and maybe even asking for more information on a matter I obviously am not quite as firm in as I thought (or simply abandoning a part of my characters' background that doesn't interest me instead of stubbornly going on as if I knew everything about it when I clearly don't)? And what happened to first go through your Sue phase and then start publishing?

Anyway, with that in mind... let's see what I can think up to the next "30 Days of Writing" question.

The first three were:

1. Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you’ve worked with and why.
2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?
3. How do you come up with names, for characters (and for places if you’re writing about fictional places)?

And here we go with the new question:

4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

"A Mary Sue (sometimes just Sue), in fanfiction, is a fictional character with overly idealized and hackneyed mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as a wish-fulfillment fantasy for the author or reader." )
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I still have to write this. Following the wave of (justified) outrage over that Female Character Flowchart at overthinkingit (which I will not link to since that thing is a major fail and I don't link to fails), I got thinking on clichés and female characters and writing and categories again and... came to a few conclusions that might not make me popular but I've been feeling like the kid that points out to everyone that the Emperor isn't wearing any clothes for quite some time, anyway so...what the hell *shrugs

It wasn't intended to become so long again... )
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Ever since my first forray into meta land, [ profile] rareb and I had a very lively discourse on various of my meta topics (i.e. nationality as a privilege, the different way of discussing issues in American and European circles etc.) and a few days ago, [ profile] rareb developed and wrote down her Rules of the Sceptic, a synopsis of various rules to discuss issues in a manner that doesn't exclude anyone and hopefully leads to a sensible discussion instead of degrading into various kinds of not so so nice ways to discuss things, based on her research on various authors she named in her sources section.

I asked her to translate them into English so I could also post them here, which I hereby did. I took the whole unadultered, unabridged text, so everything under the cut is by [ profile] rareb and can also be read and commented on in her journal. If you feel compelled to comment (remember, comment, not flame) on it, you can do so both here and in [ profile] rareb's journal, whichever way you want it. So here you go:

An essay by rareb )
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Because [ profile] pingulotta pointed me to a great article about US-universalism and nationality as a privilege that a lot of Americans just refuse to see. A lot of people on my flist don't and you have no idea how grateful I am for that. But I just can't forget about how I ran into that roadblock a few months ago and had to discover that often enough all the big liberal talk about being so open to the world and being able to see behind "privileges" and "barriers" and blah is just one big blast of hot air when it's put to the test outside of the usual categories Americans put people in (race, gender, sexuality, religion).

So... let me please quote those things in the article I found most important (but I recommend you to read the whole article).

I wish I came across that article a LOT earlier. )

And now... I will finish watching that ep of Army Wives and then finally go and see a hairdresser about the mess my hair is. Whee.
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So... after my posting on nationality as a privilege (in which I still believe... people, admit it, the dominance of the US in popular culture is staggering and it's time to acknowledge that and try to see what this means for those in the fandoms of American shows, books and movies that aren't American), I did a little further thinking on it. And I came to a conclusion.

Yes, Europeans are a strange bunch of people. No, we're not stranger than Americans ;) )

PS.: One of you Americans that are into SGA write me a story about a French technician on Atlantis (or some other non-American, non English-native-speaker character, other than Radek and Miko)? Please? Pretty please? Yes? Anyone?

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After watching several minor and major fails and catastrophies of various topics (LGBT, race, gender...) and the discussion of privilege and non-privilege and whatnot unfold in the last few weeks, I'm finally starting to realize what's bothering me so much about it:

The overwhelming American dominance and the almost automatic assumption that what's considered privilege and what has to be considered as fail is the American definition of it. It's an almost unchallenged preset that we're all talking about what constitutes a gender fail or a race fail and also a LGBT fail by American standards and that everyone should just discuss it under those presets.

Yes, there is such thing as nationality privilege. )

ETA: If anyone of you is really interested in what constitutes being a German, have a look at the Meet The Germans project of the Goethe-Institut London. Also, now I'd love to know if there are similiar projects by Spanish, English, French, American, Canadian, Guamaltecan or whatever other nation's institutions. Anyone can tell me anything about it?

ETA II: Now that I submitted the link to [ profile] fandomnews: Just be aware of the fact that I don't tolerate any flaming whatsoever here. I reserve the right to freeze and/or delete comments. And everyone try to read your comment again before posting it, to see if you're still caught up in your nationality privilege (i.e. seeing everything the way you're used to and not even taking in account that this could be seen as offense by persons of a different nationality).

I'm really tired of having to tolerate and adapt to the views of people from other nationalities when apparently a number of those people don't take care to at least tolerate and respect that I have a number of different views because I come from a different national background. It's really not that hard. I've been doing that since I became active in fandom. If I can do it, you can do it, too.
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First, let me say something: I know I have slashers in my flist and before I get to the core of the issue here, I'd like to say that I respect you and your writing very much, mostly because you're awesome people and because you have a very deep and reflective stance towards writing slash and because, as far as I know, when you write boy slash you don't make the mistake of eliminating all and every female character from your stories (have I ever told you how much I love you for making Laura Cadman a very important person for your Lorne, [ profile] bluflamingo or how much I love your writing because so many of your Newcomers are women, despite the series having heavy slashy under- and overtones, [ profile] scherryzade? ;)). The following text is in no way meant to insult you or belittle your writing. Still... I had to write it.

Because, see, today I discovered a very long article (as in, a whole page) on slashers in the German major (left-leaning) newspaper Berliner Zeitung and because I was overjoyed to see that such an established and important newspaper took a look at fanfiction and even gave it a whole page, I started to read it... only to start frowning after about three phrases.

Oh Berliner Zeitung, why did you DO that? )


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