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Was zur Hölle war das, ihr Düsseldorfer Vollpfosten? Und warum ist das verschissene Spiel nicht abgebrochen wurden? Ich check das nicht. Es war doch ganz klar, dass keiner der Hertha-Spieler mehr wollte und dass es richtig gewesen wäre, abzubrechen. Alter, das war doch Dummheit und Dummheit muss verdammt noch mal bestraft werden. Wie kann man denn kurz vor Ende aufs Spielfeld rennen und was soll das denn für'n Stadion-Konzept sein, wenn nicht mal Bullen im Vollgerödel die Situation unter Kontrolle haben und wenn da ne Bande abgefackelt werden kann? Und so was darf in der ersten Liga spielen? Ich will sehen, wie die das mit Bayern machen. Da lach ich.

Ich will ehrlich, dass Hertha das anficht. Ich glaub zwar nicht an ein Wiederholungsspiel, aber bei ein paar Erstligaspielen ohne Publikum kann Düsseldorf den Aufstieg dann ja voll genießen, ne? Das hätte der Klassenerhalt sein können, da bin ich mir ganz sicher. Das dritte Tor hätten sie noch hingekriegt, wenn sie nicht völlig kalt gewesen und von den dummen Fans eingeschüchtert gewesen wären. Ganz im Ernst, hätte irgendwer von euch ein Tor schießen können, wenn man einen weiteren Ansturm von dumme Fans hätte fürchten müssen? Genau, sag ich doch.

Nächste Saison ist Düsseldorf abgestiegen und Hertha wieder aufgestiegen, mark my words. Wenigstens kriegen wir hier in Berlin dann wieder ne gute Hertha zu sehen und können Aufstieg feiern oder so...
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Okay. I think the LJ people really lost it now. Apparently, according to this article, us longtime users are worth shit to LJ. They don't care about us, the people who've been paying their goddamn salaries with our fucking money for years and years because... I don't even know why. Why are we of no interest to you, LJ people? Whatever did we do? Whose asinine idea was it to actually say that out loud and then fucking share that article proudly to all your now seriously pissed off longterm users? I can't believe anyone would be so dumb as to do any of that, and here you are doing all of it.

So, how about we all tell [ profile] theljstaff what we think about their big coup here? Let's give them a reminder that we are actually capable of reading and understanding when someone is trying to bullshit us (or, as in LJ's case, being a goddamn idiot openly). They said they like freedom of speech. Let's give 'em a piece of that.

And now I'll go back to channel my ever growing aggressiveness towards LJ into writing Brad Colbert and Laura Cadman. Thank God for Generation Kill and SGA.


Dec. 30th, 2011 03:19 pm
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I spontaneously signed up for [ profile] fivetimesbb. I... uh... don't know how that happened. I blame a stroll through AO3 collections for it (I also blame the Holiday Request Fic Meme). I'm sorry [ profile] mackenziesmomma (and if you don't want to, you don't have to beta. I can find someone else. I'm really sorry!).

Anyway, this is what I signed up for and with:

Level: Baby (5000-10000 words)
Fandom: Stargate/Leverage, Army Wives, Warehouse 13, JAG, EUReKA
Basic idea: Five... interesting encounters the Stargate cast had over the years.

Rough draft is due March 1, BTW. That's sooo much time. That's eaaasily to keep up. Uh-huh. Yeah. I'll just keep telling myself that. Maybe then I'll believe that I'll be able to finish anything not a day before a deadline ends...

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My nemesis-sis-sis, I mean. Apparently, she deemed it was safe to go back to her idiotic ways as a registered user. Or maybe she needed so long to figure out how to set up a new e-mail address, one never knows.

Anyway, she managed to get at me in her second forum post. What is her goddamn problem? She pissed off a mod, not me. She got banned for a reason. Let's see how this plays out. I foresee a lot of fun in my imminent future...
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WHAT THE FUCKING HELL HAPPENED AT DELICIOUS? All the tag bundles are gone and all my carefully organized tags are in disarray and I don't even see all of them anymore and I think I'm going to cry now. Can we please start a "Give us back the old delicious!" campaign. Because I want it back. I WANT IT BACK SO HARD!
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That is to say, [ profile] mackenziesmomma and I didn't. Instead I was at the airport three hours too early because I mixed up mac's departure and arrival times (don't ask...) but at least I could start translating the newest Minor Characters chapter. It then took us at least an hour to actually get to our rental car (apparently, today, everyone who arrived wanted to rent a car at Hertz) and another half hour to get to our hotel, the Rosewood Sand Hill. I was a little...erm... crept out by OMG HOW FRIENDLY everyone was but I guess it's a German thing (we don't take well to someone being friendly to us... no, seriously, we think it's impolite if a sales attentant for example asks as how we are when we enter a store. The best way to treat us is to completely ignore us until we get to the cash out, purely for research purposes of course (I will get into that later). And it's... err... amazing.

We also went to Stanford - mostly in search of food but we also would have taken a couple of undergrads or probably grad students in my case - but they didn't like us there (mac says there were rude hand gestures involved which unfortunately I didn't see, seeing I still didn't have sunglasses at that time). In the end, we found food at the local shopping mall. Also, I found sunglasses there. Yes, seriously, I did. I will now be able to walk through San Francisco without constantly having to shield my eyes and look weird. Yay! I did not, however, get either tea or a coffee mug that said "Fear the Tree!" (not joking here) because mac kept me from spending money on those items. Thank you, mac.

The evening ended at the Rosewood's restaurant, the Madera were we spent *mumbles unintelligibly on a really good dinner. No room for desert, though. But enough time for a dip in the pool and the hot tub by the pool. Can I please just stay here for the rest of the trip? Yes?

Oh, wait, I nearly forgot. Research purposes. We actually stumbled over this when we did research for a wedding in the Protect and Survive 'verse that was supposed to be really fancy and ended up with the Rosewood. Mac was so nice as to give me a night here for my birthday then and this is how we ended up here in person and now we're, you know, having a closer look at it for that wedding. And lo and behold, the bunnies are multiplying by the minute. Can anyone say "shower smut" and "How is it that someone who's able to fly a million dollar plane can't open a simple bottle of champagne?"?
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Because, see, I've been awake for over 24 hours now and arrived in San Francisco, three hours ago but can't go to bed yet because I need to trick the damn jetlag. Also, there are four other German hostel guests sitting here and I honestly have never heard so many stupid commonplace phrases with not content whatsoever in so little time ever before. Honestly. They're all trying to sound so very travel wise but they're just talking rubbish (what? I flew via Heathrow and I had to kill five hours there and both flights were British Airways). Because holy hell yes there are chocolate chips in German supermarkets. Tons of, okay? Jesus fucking Christ, I think I'll just stop being a German for the remainder of my stay.

In other news, Heathrow is awesome but their wi fi sucks. Overprized and practically non-existent. But at least I could use those five hours to write a couple more Minor Characters paragraphs (I was just starting to make Tom suffer when the netbook reminded me of the fact that it needs to be fed now and then and that I don't have anything to feed it with (in Heathrow, that is... why can't you just use the same plugs we use, Britons?). And the entire ten hours on the flight I was looking forward to get to writing that... and now I have difficulties trying not to feel too much vertigo. Argh.

Anyway, my SF adventure just began. Let's see what it holds in store for me.
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Until I'll touch down in San Francisco, I mean (and a week until I'm going to meet [ profile] mackenziesmomma \o/). I'll set off first to Heathrow and then on to SFO on Monday morning and touch down on late Monday afternoon at SFO. I don't want to think about the jetlag yet but it'll be total fun, just like it was last time (2009, Seattle and Vancouver)... oh, okay, the jetlag in the US was a lot less bad than the one I had when getting back (but then again, I'd been awake for 36 hours and had to spend a couple of them at fucking Charles de Gaulle which is, I'm sorry, probable the most terrible airport of the entire western world when I arrived back home...) but... err... let's really not think about any of that yet.

However, do any of you US citizens know what fun things us non-US citizen have to do when we want to visit your beautiful country? No? Check this out.

I'm especially fond of these three questions that we all have to answer (sometimes even twice, depending on whether the respective airlines are part of the programme or not... if they aren't, we have to do this in hard copy, too...):

A) Do you have a communicable disease; physical or mental disorder; or are you a drug abuser or addict?

B) Have you ever been arrested or convicted for an offense or crime involving moral turpitude or a violation related to a controlled substance; or have been arrested or convicted for two or more offenses for which the aggregate sentence to confinement was five years or more; or have been a controlled substance trafficker; or are you seeking entry to engage in criminal or immoral activities?

C) Have you ever been or are you now involved in espionage or sabotage; or in terrorist activities; or genocide; or between 1933 and 1945 were you involved, in any way, in persecutions associated with Nazi Germany or its allies?
Who, in their goddamn right mind, would ever answer any of those questions with yes? Seriously. Anyone? Also, on an even funnier note, that entire thing now costs $14. $14 so that the Department of Homeland Security (thank you, Stargate, for making me always start typing Homeworld Security) can grab all our data and hog it to do things I honestly don't want to think about. Yippy.

Oh, and before I forget it: don't worry about the big bang story. I'll take my mom's netbook with me and I think the hostel has free wi fi (otherwise, there will be thousands of coffee shops) so I'll be good. I'll also be available, so if any of my flisters are in the vicinity, just drop me a comment or a message :) And if there are any of the European flisters interested in anything US they'd like to have - small, non-electronic, non-perishable stuff - just do the same. I'll see what I can do :)
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I got into a flame war with a 13-year-old last night (and I swear if I continue getting mails from her even though I'm not answering any anymore, she's toast). And weirdly enough the thing that stays with me is the question: what kind of parents let their 13-year-old stay up until at least 0244 (that's the time the last mail came) and let them consume masses of caffeine? When I was 13, I found coffee or just any form of caffeine yucky and went to bed at 2200. Is that kid just an exception or are kids today like that? The mind, it boggles.

(also, if anyone wants to see the flame war, I'll be happy to make an f-locked post, complete with translations.)
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Ha! 12,555 words which means I'm now at seven finished chapters and that I've written a little over the half of the required word count for [ profile] het_bigbang. I honestly didn't even think I'd get this far so phew, maybe this is actually doable. If I stop pushing my word count for other stories and start actually churning out words and words and words for the Big Bang. But, me being me, I just discovered another issue that I keep having with the story. I start to get the ugly feeling that Evan Lorne is way, way, way OOC in this one and I'm starting to panic again and can please someone have a look at it? Not beta it, just look it over, see if he strikes them as OOC and if they can find what's actually causing that anxiety over him being OOC. Someone? Please?Anyone? PLEASE?

*runs around in panicked circles like a headless chicken


Jul. 19th, 2011 01:16 am
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Okay, so I just hacked another couple of words into the keyboard and am now at a little over 10k words for my [ profile] het_bigbang story. I still have until mid-September to finish the story, with at least 25k of words (because I'll be in California for most of the second September half). I'm quite confident that the story is big enough to make it actually past the 25k but quite honestly, even though I'm at 10k now, I still don't know if the story works like it's supposed to be and if it's really as good as I want it to be. It's Stargate/Star Wars with Lorne/Cadman (what, did anyone really expect something different?) and OMG I'M NOT SURE IF I'LL EVER FINISH IT AND IF ANYTHING ACTUALLY MAKES ANY SENSE OMG! 

Because, see, Laura and Evan are actually the only Stargate characters in we get to see in the story (or at least will get to see for a very long time) and they aren't even together for the biggest part of the story (or at least for the biggest part of the story that has been written yet) and there are Star Wars OCs popping up in every corner and I'm afraid they'll be just cardboard cutouts and I think I want more romance in there than just Evan and Laura and I don't feel any real connection to my OCs yet and I think I'm going to sit in a corner, take a couple of deep breaths and then just plow on writing that story. Even though I'm mortally afraid just going on is the biggest mistake I could make. EEEEEK!

[/rant over]
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Now that we all made our (justified) anger known... there's an apology from [ profile] shahar81 and I thought it would only be fair to translate it as well maybe without comment, since, if I'm not mistaken, some of the commenters were English speaking.

I really TRIED not to comment on it, I SWEAR! )

On a side note: [ profile] arielen posted an older article (she said it's from1998) on sexual orientation in fantasy that's a little outdated but still well worth reading, seeing as it's well-phrased and logical. Unfortunately, it's in German and a trifle too long to translate (but take it from me, it really is much more logical than... that other thing). Sorry, guys :S
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So usually, I don't give names and don't link to entries directly when something or someone pisses me off but... yesterday I came across a pretty bad author/reader fuck-up in regard to slash. As we all know, I don't usually read slash, apart from the odd femmeslash (femslash?) piece or here and there and now and then a really good piece of slash that's been mainly written as a story about two people who have feelings for each other, not the "Guh, two hot guys, lets make 'em fuck like bunnies" stuff I usually seem to encounter when I do venture into slash land (and yes, I know I probably just come across the wrong stories, don't worry). But... at least I'm honest about it... and at least I'm not a homophobe in real life (nor am I in fiction, just to make that clear).

Seriously, get off the slashers' side! )

ETA: Look who deleted their post/made it friends only. That was fast. Coward.
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What I mean? Oh, just roughing up things in forums. Or rather just one forum. Yeah, it's that Stargate forum again (and quite seriously, if they keep annoying me, I'll have to give names after all).

What do you mean, you think I LIKE roughing up things OVER THERE? )

PS.: Thank you so much, [ profile] asugar for another year of paid account (and, susequently space for five new userpics)! You totally susprised me :D You rock!
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So Osama's dead.

First thing I though was: "So... what?"

Second thing was: "Are they stupid? It's like a fucking hydra's head. Cut off one of them, you get three new ones."

Please tell me you didn't all lose your brains over the death of that old man. )
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Yeah, yeah, I'm pissed off again. What's gotten her in a snitch now, you're thinking and well, I'm telling you: censorship. No really. I'm not exaggerating.

Art. 5 Abs. 1 GG is what some people should really read again. And again. AND AGAIN. )
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Today, the UN Security Council finally passed the NFZ resolution for Libya. As predicted, Germany who's currently a temporary member, abstained. This is so very embarrassing and a fucking bad idea that I don't even know where to start. This isn't like Iraq where Bush tried to push the allies into a war based on assumptions and downright lies and where the Iraqis for some reason were less than thrilled about being occupied by a super power and her allies... this is genuinely about the future and the freedom of an entire country and they'd hoped for this resolution for at least a month and what does my country do? They abstain. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

I'm a million miles away from happy, as Mr. John Birmingham wrote so nicely in Without Warning. )
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Because, see, I'm kind of tired of pussyfooting around in a certain part of German Stargate fandom. Yes, I think that "Oh, but it's just a hobby!" and "If i'd have to write realistically, I could only write about what I know and that would be boring." are stupid bullshit excuses for laziness and a lack of interest in the sujet you're writing... which is kinda weird because uh, isn't writing something you need to be passionate about, in every aspect of it (i.e. from your characters to the setting, the plot and the language)?

Not for the faint of heart... and those who think they can only be my friend when I'm being all nice. )
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to everyone on the f-list! I hope you all had the party you planned to have and that whatever you did on New Year's Eve was fun.

We, for our part, were apparently in a war zone. For all those people who have never been in Germany on New Year's Eve, let me tell you that it's kinda like in the US on July 4th or maybe even worse (or better, depending on your point of view). That is to say, it seems like some people save their money all the year, only to spend it in a glorious heap of explosions and BOOMs at the end of it (and yes, my family is no exception to that). About a week before New Year's Eve the sound of minor explosions can be heard sporadically, and the amount increases steadily until New Year's Eve, even though using fireworks is officially forbidden until 1800 on New Year's Eve and you can't buy fireworks before the 29th. I do have a feeling that some people deliberately buy more than the plan to use so they can have a kind of warm-up phase.

May we all have our hopes, our will to try... if we don't we might as well lie down and die... )

So... how was your New Year's Eve party (or not party) and what do you expect of 2011?
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or there's just bad news, depending on where you're standing.

Something that was probably inevitable and something that came out of the blue... DELICIOUS IS BEING SHUT DOWN OMG! )

On a wholly unrelated note: I think I probably listened to the Pearl Harbor main theme one time too many because for a few days now, this has been haunting me:

You stand there on the dais and you look into the water. Your eyes see rusting steel and salt water but in your head, you see something else. You see blood and chaos, soldiers, sailors, everyone and no one, lipstick on foreheads, markings that don't make any sense and decide who's to live and who's to die. You blink and then there's just the sea and the ships underwater again and you only hear the soft wind and the little waves against the dais. You know it's impossible but you think you also hear the faint echo of banging against ship walls and men screaming in agony. You resist shaking your head because you know you're just imagining it and you can keep it together without the headshaking. You could keep it together even back then and you will still keep it together. You never lose composure because nurses never do. But you remember. You remember that it was the end of the world as you knew it.

Oh. I think I wrote my first real drabble. Huh.


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