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A couple rec requests because I got on another scoring run for impossibly small fandoms and/or rare pairings and didn't find enough of either to satisfy me.

#1 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, William Brandt/Jane Carter. Saw it yesterday, and after I learned to pretend it wasn't Tom Cruise who played Ethan Hunt, I loved it. Also, Jeremy Renner is in it and boy, was I in love with his character the moment he appeared. No really. And then I went looking for fics and I ended up finding like four Brandt/Carter fics. Like, on the whole interwebs. If anyone has fics to rec for me that are neither on nor on AO3, I'd be very happy.

#2 The Hunger Games, Gale Hawthorne/Johanna Mason. Jesus fucking Christ, I've got issues with that trilogy. Like... massive ones. As massive as the Nut mountain thingy in District 2. I'm nearly finished and I want to throw the book against a wall at every other sentence (I'll explain why after I finish Mockingjay). But, I kind of fell in love with Gale/Johanna after a very short look into fanfiction on HG. I read there were grief and ruins, and you were the miracle. and Feel What It's Like To Be New and they are both awesome and I want more fics like that (which means: no actual appearance of either Katniss or Peeta and most of all no Katniss/Peeta because I just can't abide that pairing). Pretty please?

#3 The Avengers, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff. I haven't even seen the movie (and probably never will until it's out on DVD because there's not even one cinema that shows it in 2D in the entire fucking city. It's a city of 3.5 million people and God knows how many cinemas and none shows it in anything other than 3D *sobs quietly) but just from reading other people's accounts (most of all [ profile] sangate's) I have a feeling it must be awesome. And I just love the idea of two very highly skilled but otherwise ordinary humans on a team of supermen and it just feels as if they'd fit each other very well. I did find a couple of fics but most of them felt OOC even for someone who hasn't seen the movie yet (that sounded pretentious, didn't it?). So does anyone have recs with Hawkeye/Black Widow that don't have them both be OOC? Yes? Anyone? Anyone at all?
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I still haven't deciced what to make for the special co-workers but I have decided what to make for the rest of the office. Tarte. Only, I have no idea [Poll #1824497]
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In light of next month's 100th anniversary of International Women's Day (a tradition that used to be firmly observed in East Germany but is slowly starting to be forgotten :() and the reoccurence of Women's History Month in March and a suggestion by [ profile] sgteam14283, I was thinking about a little quick challenge to celebrate it, in two of the comms I (apparently, according to LJ) own:

Women's Day/Women's History Month challenge poll @ [ profile] major_explosion (Lorne/Cadman comm)

Women's Day/Women's History Month challenge poll @ [ profile] stargate_ocs (a comm for Stargate OCs)

Go on, everyone, take part! Let's celebrate all those wonderful Stargate women! And I certainly hope to see lots of great Stargate women fic and art next month :D 100 years of International Women's Day, girls! Let's have a party!


May. 8th, 2009 08:04 pm
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Okay, so... you know... I just passed my written driver's license test today, even though I thought I never would. That's a minor miracle since I started studying for it on... uh... Sunday. Yeah, that's right. And then I took only like... an hour each day to study. So I still think I didn't really deserve passing, but anyway: Just for the apprehension and the actual act of taking the test and passing I want to reward myself but I have no idea with what, since there are quite a few possibilities:[Poll #1396878]
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Und zwar: Ich will mir ne Stola stricken und kann mich für keine Farbe so richtig entscheiden, deswegen dürft ihr mitentscheiden (and because I want as much people voting as possible, here for my English speaking readers: I want to knit a stola and can't decide for the color... so you get to do it ;)).[Poll #1333350][Poll #1333350]


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