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Or how I got around reading Twilight and was punished for it, after all. Yes, I finally finished Mocking Jay.

Okay, okay, before we go on: this is going to be riddled with spoilers for The Hunger Games and lot of bad language. If you want to stay away from either of them, this is not the post you're looking for *waves you along

For everyone else... let's jump right in.

First book rant in forever. )

PS.: On the plus side, [ profile] heitidei found a cinema in Berlin that shows The Avengers in 2D! Yay [ profile] heitidei!
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Today, I had a quite frankly frightening and most of all aggravating conversation with a friend, [ profile] ancient_leah, about writing and reviews. To get it right from the beginning, it wasn't leah who was aggravating me, it was the fact that apparently, good authors like her get so little appreciation in German fandom that they (or in that case, her) are seriously contemplating to go on hiatus and consider to simply stop publishing and maybe even writing.

This is me and my White Knight complex calling out to you... )

PS: Is it just me or did LJ really change the layout of the WYSIWYG menu? And where were all the extra breaks coming from suddenly? *iz confused
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It's been a while since I did any ramblings reviews on TV series eps but I just finished watching the Eureka Season Four Premiere and I just have to share a few things about it. And because of the spoilers, under cut of course.

Spoilers. Massive ones. And I really mean that. )

Okay and now I'll... go and do my chores and try to ignore the insane heat and try not to think about the results of the Fanfiction General Award that will be out in roughly four hours because my stories won't have won (do they even say that? Won't have won?) anything at all anyway. Yeah.
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Because instead of looking for job ads, I decided to do a movie review... well, two actually. Since [ profile] schnelmi is here on vacation I went to the cinema twice in one week. I really only go to the cinema very rarely because usually mom doesn't want to watch in English and I can bring myself only very rarely to watching them in German because for seven years I lived in a city where the only cinema you could watch movies in English was a tiny independent cinema... and when I go to the movies I want the big screen, not a screen that could fit into my living room... and I also have a totally unintellectual taste when it comes to movies I watch at the cinema (seriously, what do I need the big screen for psychological dramas or some independent movie everyone claims to find groundbreaking and no one really understands but would never admit to it?). When I go to the cinema, I want explosions, battle scenes, good looking half-naked men fighting... all the good stuff, you know?

Anyway, what I wanted to say: for seven years I lived in a city where I had to watch all the movies in German if I wanted to see them on the big screen... so now that I moved back to Berlin where we have the wonderful, wonderful Cinestar Original multiplex at Potsdamer Platz I just feel like it would be a waste of time and money not to use that and still go to see movies in German... but mom usually disagrees. However, [ profile] schnelmi and I actually managed to trick her twice into accompanying us to a movie in English (apparently, letting her watch the first two Merlin seasons in English helped a lot in that) and here's what we watched:

Ask me nicely. - Robin Hood )

Give me that dagger! - Prince of Persia )

Oh, on a health related note: The cold is almost gone (although it'll probably start all over again in a while because now mom's got an even worse version of it and can't get it into her head not to hug and kiss us or drink from shared bottles and all that...) and I finally have an actual diagnosis for the knee. Apparently, I didn't scrape or rupture any ligaments (yay for that!) but rather just overstretched the inner ligaments and capsules. It'll just take a while for the knee to get normal again but I won't need any surgery or physical therapy, just a brace and no sports for a while. YAY!
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You know, I have no idea how I manage to take the time to do so much reading but when I finish this review of three books there will still be three books left I need to review. And they keep piling up. Seriously, no idea where the time is coming from...

'Wild, Wild World' - 'Into The Wild', Jon Krakauer )

'German Lesson' - 'Mit dem Rcken zur Wand', Klaus Kordon )

'A Rose Is a Rose...' - 'The Remarkable Life And Times Of Eliza Rose', Mary Hooper )


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Been doing an awful amount of reading lately...

'Trust No One' - 'Der Walhalla-Code', Uwe Klausner )

'A Life Of Opposition' - 'Die Erbin von Flandern', Jean C. van Rijckeghem, Patrick van Beirs )

'Genius At Work' - 'By Love Undone', Suzanne Enoch )

PS.: Just to remind you: Today isn't only the 40th anniversary of landing on the moon but also the 65th anniversary of Operation Valkyrie (the real thing, not the movie, mind you). Please everyone take a minute to remember the courageous men and women around Stauffenberg and the general German resistance against the Nazis and what they gave their lives for.
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Man, I'm so behind on my reviews... I already have a few other books I'm gonna be done with in a few days or something and I still owe you three reviews :S

'Kids today' - 'Due East', Valerie Sayers )

'Patience is a virtue' - 'The Viscount's Wicked Ways', Anne Mallory )

'Home away from home' - 'Liverpool Street', Anne C. Voorhoeve )

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Manchmal tu ich auch noch lesen, ja.

'Kann ja nur besser werden' - 'Der verwaiste Thron 02 - Verrat', Claudia Kern )

'Mal was anderes' - 'Das Findelhaus', Helga Glaesener )

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Hmja, das mit dem Lesen... das müssen wir aber noch mal üben.

'The Games People Play' - 'Omega Games: A Stardoc Novel', S. L. Viehl )

'Werd endlich erwachsen' - 'Der Geheime Zirkel 03: Kartiks Schicksal', Libba Bray )
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Komisch, ich dachte, ich hätte schon mehr gelesen, seit ich die letzten Rezensionen geschrieben hab. War aber dann wohl doch nicht so. So schaffe ich die 50 Bücher pro Jahr ja nie.

'Als wuerde man sagen: Seid nicht jung!' - 'Emergency Sex (and other desperate measures): True Stories from a War Zone', Kenneth Cain et. al. )

Oh, oh, oh, und ich hab was neues für die Parteitags-Liste (nein, ich wollte nicht nur mal wieder den Kommunistennazi-Tag verwenden... EHRLICH!):

  • "Ihr habt doch alle Jehirnmuchte!"
  • "Ihr seid doch alle Kommunistennazis!"
  • "Das klingt ja wiiiiie nül!"
  • "Und wie geht's? Weita, weita!"
  • "Fire in the hole!"
A note on writing: I know I'm way behind my usual posting frequency regarding the recent "Protect and Survive"-story, but I'm working on it, honestly. It's just slow going at the moment, but I still know where I want to end up. Oh, and I want my claim approved. Pwetty pwease?
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Hmja, auch lesen tu ich manchmal noch.

Was vom Kriege brig blieb )

Amen, Schwester! )

Traue niemandem )

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So, ich weiß, dass ich etwas hinterher bin, deswegen heute kein Bericht zum Landesjugenddingens, sondern vier neue Rezensionen (denn ich hab ungefähr fünf andere Bücher, die ich gerne denn doch mal fertiglesen würde...). Zum Landesjugendingens nur soviel: Beide Nächte hat es geschüttet wie aus Eimern und war eiskalt. Und wer hat gesagt, dass Campen in der zweiten Augusthälfte eine beschissene Idee ist? Na? Naaaaa? Genau, eure Lieblings-Hauptamtliche, die ja nie einer für voll nimmt. Aber hey, ich hab schön trocken in einem bequemen Bett unter einer warmen Decke gelegen.

Anyway, on with the show:

Scary )

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Ich hab ja gesagt, dass es demnächst Rezensionen geben wird. Für die puns mach ich dann aber doch lieber n eigenes Posting, das wird hier sonst zu lang (weil heute ausnahmsweise mal vier Rezensionen). On a sidenote: Ich hab angefangen, "The Princess Bride" (oooh, schaut mal, die Schwestern haben mir damals eine Ausgabe mitgebracht, die jetzt vergriffen ist... wie cool is das denn bitte?) noch mal zu lesen, weil ich mich mit ständigen Bezügen und Andeutungen in meinen Lorne/Cadman-Fanfictions selber dazu angestachelt hab und das Buch ist noch dreimal toller, als es in meiner Erinnerung war

Okay, jetzt aber auf ins Rezensionenland:

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Yay, schon wieder drei Bücher fertig gelesen!

So, und um der Wette mit mir selbst Genüge zu tun:


"Seems that my major reading interests are a little strange."


"Major event today: Going to B. again. Yay!"

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Ja, auch im Sommer wird gelesen. Verstärkt sogar, möchte ich behaupten. Here we go, then.

So, und weil auch das mal wieder dran ist, jetzt noch ein paar Wortspiele:


"It's a major shame I have to sit inside on a day like this."


"Why do they always choose one day for a ton of major political events (major for me, at least)?"


"Procrastination is a major hobby of mine."
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Da wären wir wieder. Ich weiß, dass ich ein paar Tage keine Wortspiele of DOOM gepostet habe, und das hat seinen Grund. Pfingsten war ich bei der Omma, und die hat nun mal kein Internet. Jedenfalls nicht so wie ich Junkie. Dafür konnte ich zwei Bücher fertig lesen, habe ein Video auf meinem Laptop entdeckt, von dem ich gar nicht wusste, dass ich es habe (haha, es ist so genial einfach! [profile] stinastina, du Schenie! "Im Osten" war noch nie so gut wie zu diesen Bildern! Genial geschnitten und es hat die "I shot him!"-Szene drin!), jede Menge Zeug geschrieben (in das sich Major Lorne ständig eingeschlichen hat... raus aus meinem Kopf!) und endlich alle noch fehlenden Folgen der dritten SGA-Staffel gesehen ("The Game"! SQUEE! Mehr Sarcastic!Lorne! Mehr Agitated!Lorne! Überhaupt mehr Lorne!). Hm... lieber nicht an solche Sachen wie "Sollte ich mal ne Weile Internet-Ausfall haben?" denken, weil... dann passiert es auch, und das will ja nun niemand. Oder ich zumindest nicht.

So, aber jetzt zur Sache, Schätzchen:

So, und weil ich die in den letzten Tagen nicht posten konnte, kommen jetzt mehrere auf einmal:


"Right now, I'm a seriously bored Gilatier with a major crush."


"Where's the evil alien when you need one, for example for a major distraction?"


"I wish something majorly interesting would happen right now."


"Seriously, I need some major entertainment now!"


"Having a certain officer here now would be major fun, I guess."


"I've got the major impression that I'm going awfully soft in the head here."

Man merkt kein Stück, wie langweilig mir ist, oder?


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