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Anyone of you who can find me an affordable nice-looking wearable quality Ravenclaw women's shirt in size M with this crest (the real one, as opposed to the movie one which sucks because seriously, haven't they read the goddamn books?):

Cut because of picture and stuff. )

Also, totally unrelated: LJ cuts are back to being normal! Let's all hope they keep it at that...


Apr. 10th, 2012 04:42 pm
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Apparently, apartment hunting in Berlin is just as crappy now as it was two years ago. Or even crappier because apartments have become even more expensive. My favorite example from two days back: one room (as in: one room to sleep, live and eat in, but at least a separate kitchen), 38 square meters, 400€ (gross, that is including water and heating). What the hell is wrong with landlords here?

Also, what's so hard about making a couple pictures of the apartment you're offering (good pictures, because, people, you do want to get rid of the apartment and showing it in the worst light isn't helpful with that) and scanning the floor plan to add it to the exposé? How do you think does it make your apartment attractive if I can't see how it looks?

Hopefully, a friend of my father's who works in realty part-time stands by his offer to help me find a new place to live. I honestly could use a little professional help here...
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So, after a little conversation with [ profile] keylafirefly and an encounter with an origami frog army for my favorite co-worker (I wish I'd taken pictures. But then again... better not. It probably would have put me up right there with Parker *points to icon), I decided to do a collective order from KnockKnock to save shipping costs to Germany. Anyone on the flist living in Germany and wanting to spend their hard earned money on nonsense that'll label you as the office's Parker necessary office supplies, please tell me so in the comments and I'll put you on the list (haven't decided between Evernote and Delicious yet for the list. The hardships of modern life, I'm telling ya). This is important: you have until April 15 to tell me what you'd like to order. After that, I'll order and figure out how to send what to whom...

PS.: Anyone got any recs for fics for Smilla's Sense of Snow? I found myself with an insatiable craving during watching the movie on rbb tonight. Anyone? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
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Of the fact that I still need to post today's entry, I mean.

Oh well, here goes.

Today, had my last full day in San Francisco and went to the Asian Art Museum. All through their Chinese collection, I kept wanting to read Mulan fanfiction (yes, my brain works in weird ways, I know) but hey, I guess I need to wait until Delicious unfucks their site so that one can actually use it again. Yes, I'm still bitter over the whole Delicious relaunch thing, why do you ask?

Anyway, loved the museum and am pretty sure mom for example would have, too. She's very much into Asian art and I really liked the layout and the texts to the actual objects. Didn't love the noisy teenagers so much but that's probably only natural for someone who's almost 30. Yes, that would be me.

I also went on a shopping spree for one last time (yes, I'm still trying to ignore the whole SFO being one big shopping center thing for the moment) and got a couple of things for myself (book, sticky notes, coffee mug, don't ask) and my sisters (sorry guys, didn't get your initial wishes but am hoping you'll like what I got you instead... just one word: Anthropologie) and I'm wondering how the hell to get this all back unscathed to Germany. I've seen how they treat bags at the airport. I fear the worst. But we'll see.

So that was it. Last post from San Francisco and hoping to see you on the other side (of the Atlantic Ocean, that is) on Friday evening (CET evening, that is) at the latest. Or probably Saturday morning because OMG nightflight plus five hours of waiting in Heathrow and I guess I'll be a nervous wreck after that. Again. I love long distance flights very, very much...
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Because see, I nearly forgot about posting today's entry. Again. Thank God it's still today, so a quick post on what I've done today.

Basically, I went to the Aquarium of the Bay, to see fishes and man, they have the most gorgeous (and longest) underwater tunnels I've seen in a long while (and I've seen a lot of those tunnels, in London, Edinburgh, Barcelona, New York, Berlin... you get the idea. I'm an aquarium freak. Okay?). Also, I like their commitment for saving the sharks (sharks are so totally underrated as animals. Sharks are way cooler than everyone thinks! Yes, I'm a sharks fan, too) and the environment but guys, do you Americans really need to be told simple truths such as "Don't throw your trash on the beach." and other really basic things? I hope not.

Also, I did a Bay Cruise, and [ profile] mackenziesmomma, I am so sorry but again, it was a great Bridge day. We saw it from the sea and it was gorgeous (I kind of was very sad again that the Gorch Fock never got to make it as far last year, because of all the hassle with that cadet accident... she would have looked magnificient in front of the Bridge). Also, I got my first real face sunburn this year, so take that as Fate's retribution for getting at least two good Bridge days now...

On a side note, I also bought the Air Force hoodie I'd been ogling a while ago and it's great. I love it, and now I want an SG10 patch even more badly. Yes, it's a Stargate fan thing.

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Apparently, though, I lied. Because who, in their right mind, is stupid enough to do San Francisco by foot?

Oh, right, that would be me. OW MY FEET OW OW OW!

Or, in a little more words: I walked up Larkin St. and then down Geary St. to Union Square today, then walked down to Market St. to Westfield Center and walked down Market St. all the fucking way to The Embarcadero which in turn I then walked down to Fisherman's Wharf and beyond until I arrived at Ghirardelli Square. After that I turned around and walked The Embarcadero back to Sansome St., walked Sansome St. up to Market St., Market St. up to Geary St. and then back down Larkin St. until I arrived back at the hostel. Just look it all up at Google Maps and please don't tell me any distances because I might just break down and cry after all.

But at least I got a little shopping done (the list includes everything shopped until now, not only things shopped today, though):

  • new jeans - check
  • city map of San Francisco - check
  • totally unnecessary (but preeeeetty) little note book - check
  • present for mom - check
  • ogling an Air Force hoodie but not yet sold on spending $44 something on it - check
  • postcards - check
  • stuff from Bath & Body Works - check
  • unnecessary (but inevitable) books - check
  • unnecessary (but inevitable) coffee mug - check
  • sunglasses - still no check
  • socks - no check, either
  • stuff from Sephora - not yet check
  • stuff for others - not all check yet
  • silly stuff from and - kind of check

Mh. It really looks more in the list than in my little corner of the room. That's a little weird, to be honest.

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(one of the best headings ever, isn't it?)

Damn, I really need to buy sunglasses. It's summer here, y'all and the goddamn sun is actuallye shining and it's so fucking bright (this makes a lot of sense if you were in Berlin or most other German towns this "summer"... it still feels as if the last time we saw the sun was sometime around May...). And it's obviously virtually impossible to find reasonably priced sunglasses here. Yes, this is a serious issue, guys! (and no, I didn't find a dollar store here yet, [ profile] mackenziesmomma. I'm starting to thinks this city doesn't have any)

In other news, went to Haight Ashbury, the Golden Gate Park and the California Academy of Science today and it was awesome (the Academy, that is... Haight Ashbury rather got on my nerves because all that "counter culture" hippy stuff does (sorry mom, your eldest daughter is a conservative at heart) but the Golden Gate Park is fun). Lots of that edutainment stuff I love so much and an aquarium. Having an aquarium is always a plus for me. The rainforest thing was nice, too buit I kept thinking I like the one in Tierpark Berlin better. But, okay, there were chamelions. Chamelions are even as much my favorite animals as ant eaters are. Yes, I like WTF!Nature animals, why do you ask?

Oh, and I bought a coffee mug. Those among you familiar with my mug habit (such as [ profile] schnelmi, [ profile] heitidei and [ profile] berlinamadillo) will probably go "What? Already? That was fast..." and the rest will go "And what's so interesting about that?" The answer: I have a mug issue. I just can't go on traveling without buying at least one mug. But this one was so pretty! I just had ro buy it! Maybe I'll make a picture once I find a suitable cable to charge my camera (let's just not talk about that right now)...

What else... oh yes. What's with the "VAT not included" thing? Why do they do that in the US? What's so hard about putting the real price of something on the price tag? They can do it in Germany (and most other European countries, if I remember it right), after all...
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Until I'll touch down in San Francisco, I mean (and a week until I'm going to meet [ profile] mackenziesmomma \o/). I'll set off first to Heathrow and then on to SFO on Monday morning and touch down on late Monday afternoon at SFO. I don't want to think about the jetlag yet but it'll be total fun, just like it was last time (2009, Seattle and Vancouver)... oh, okay, the jetlag in the US was a lot less bad than the one I had when getting back (but then again, I'd been awake for 36 hours and had to spend a couple of them at fucking Charles de Gaulle which is, I'm sorry, probable the most terrible airport of the entire western world when I arrived back home...) but... err... let's really not think about any of that yet.

However, do any of you US citizens know what fun things us non-US citizen have to do when we want to visit your beautiful country? No? Check this out.

I'm especially fond of these three questions that we all have to answer (sometimes even twice, depending on whether the respective airlines are part of the programme or not... if they aren't, we have to do this in hard copy, too...):

A) Do you have a communicable disease; physical or mental disorder; or are you a drug abuser or addict?

B) Have you ever been arrested or convicted for an offense or crime involving moral turpitude or a violation related to a controlled substance; or have been arrested or convicted for two or more offenses for which the aggregate sentence to confinement was five years or more; or have been a controlled substance trafficker; or are you seeking entry to engage in criminal or immoral activities?

C) Have you ever been or are you now involved in espionage or sabotage; or in terrorist activities; or genocide; or between 1933 and 1945 were you involved, in any way, in persecutions associated with Nazi Germany or its allies?
Who, in their goddamn right mind, would ever answer any of those questions with yes? Seriously. Anyone? Also, on an even funnier note, that entire thing now costs $14. $14 so that the Department of Homeland Security (thank you, Stargate, for making me always start typing Homeworld Security) can grab all our data and hog it to do things I honestly don't want to think about. Yippy.

Oh, and before I forget it: don't worry about the big bang story. I'll take my mom's netbook with me and I think the hostel has free wi fi (otherwise, there will be thousands of coffee shops) so I'll be good. I'll also be available, so if any of my flisters are in the vicinity, just drop me a comment or a message :) And if there are any of the European flisters interested in anything US they'd like to have - small, non-electronic, non-perishable stuff - just do the same. I'll see what I can do :)
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Because, you know, yesterday a virus ate my mom's netbook and I happened to be the one sitting in front of it. Contrary to common family opinion, it really wasn't my fault. In fact, as my sister's boyfriend concluded, something triggered a virus that already was on the computer and it had been there ever since my mom's Avira spotted it an put it in quarantine. My mom actually knew about the fact that there was a virus in quarantine on her computer. Let's not talked about this further, though since I'd have to admit then that the last virus scan I did was in 2009.

Computers: solving the problems we wouldn't have without them. And I'm pretty sure I already used that cut message before... )
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My laptop, I mean. Yes, dead. D E A D. Dead. As in its hard drive died and now I can't even boot it. It's in a boot loop and I don't think I'll get it to do anything else, unless I replace the hard drive (in case anyone is wondering: I managed to backup all the creative files to my dad's brand spanking new 4 TB NAS, including the big bang story and all other WIPs that were edited in any way since my last backup to my external hard drive and please let's all hope nothing went wrong with that). Which I could do but that laptop is like five or six years old and quite frankly it's time for a new one *fondly looks at sleek silvery old laptop and begs it for forgiveness

So... I have my eyes on a blue Dell Inspirion (because it's blue... no, wait, because it's got all I want and is just on the upper margin of what my savings account allows (also, if I could just do my taxes, I might get another couple of Euros out of it...)... and, okay, because it's blue) and I'm not quite sold on it because it's a little more than 500€ and I'm cautious to the extreme with everything that's three digits and upwards. So... any Dell users here? Any former Dell users here (aside from [ profile] mackenziesmomma, that is)? What's your opinion? Worth their money? Junk? Any input is welcome!
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 09:47 It's official. My dad is nuts. Bonkers. Batshit crazy. Not that it's something new but... well, now it's OFFICIAL as well... #
  • 12:54 OK, (German) military followers, can s/o give me some info on Luftlandesanitätskompanie f. spez. Einsätze/Seedorf? Training, eligibility etc #
  • 14:32 Yay, the last item of @mackenziesmomma's Christmas package just arrived! Now I can send it tomorrow. Yippee! #
  • 14:56 RT @thomas_wiegold: Cooler Auftritt, SACEUR! #
  • 15:50 GAH! There's a complete Stargate Atlantis box for 65GBP available on amazon now (S5 box for 35GBP). I KNEW something like that would happen! #
  • 17:58 Damn, the guy just visiting my place was really cute. Just my luck that he was having a look at it for his girlfriend -_-'' #
  • 18:40 Just finished 97th #Fanfic100 piece. Not really happy about it (b/c the characters just don't seem to CLICK) but it's not a TOTAL failure. #
  • 22:42 RT @wraithfodder: Missing: robotic dinosaur, 5' tall, value $98,000, last seen in Mexico museum. Seriously. #
  • 23:21 Finally writing some PAS stuff again (it's the overture to some supreme Lorne!whump). WTH is Lorne's mother suddenly channeling my father? #
  • 23:34 Uh... damn. Can anyone give me brands of American compact cars? I'm being research OCD again... #
  • 23:47 My sis the genius just suggested I'll dress up as falling stock price for her 1920's New Year's Eve party. Definitely a great idea! #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 00:00 Dear followers, how should my beta reader and I celebrate our 1year anniversary? Any suggestions? B/c @mackenziesmomma is one amazing beta! #
  • 00:30 OMG, OMG, OMG! Anthropologie opens a store in London this week! Just another reason 2 find a way 2 blow off money there despite unemployment #
  • 22:16 There's a new Pylones shop in Berlin. I'm doomed. #
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And here's the result:
Lots of show-off pictures... )
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 00:00 Aw, fuck... there's a Pylones ( shop in the Galeries Lafayette in #Berlin. I'm doomed now. #
  • 01:06 How does 1 get plot bunnies like this 1: ? I honestly have no idea... but as a European, it made me squee wildly :D #
  • 01:50 Love the new Inbox feature @ Been waiting for something like that 4 AGES. Maybe I can bring myself to answer beta requests now... #
  • 02:11 Hey, just managed to write a few new paragraphs for #MCTC. Dee's still being a little reluctant to be written :P Anyway, good night every1! #
  • 14:13 Damn, I should stop listening to Milow's "Canada" ( in endless loop. And I should really go grocery shopping :P #
  • 19:03 Vote for Evan Lorne: :D (and yes, you can vote more than once :D) Maybe then they won't kill him in the #SGA movie. #
  • 19:12 Oh damn, I discovered fan pages @ Facebook. I'll never get off procrastinating now. #
  • 19:15 WTF? I just had a chickadee coming in from the balcony and flying a round through my room... just like that. Seriously... WTF??? #
  • 21:40 Yay, finally got to typing the handwritten tutu!bunny stuff. That is one evil #fanfic100 bunny, I can tell you... and now #Buffy Season 3! #
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May. 8th, 2009 08:04 pm
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Okay, so... you know... I just passed my written driver's license test today, even though I thought I never would. That's a minor miracle since I started studying for it on... uh... Sunday. Yeah, that's right. And then I took only like... an hour each day to study. So I still think I didn't really deserve passing, but anyway: Just for the apprehension and the actual act of taking the test and passing I want to reward myself but I have no idea with what, since there are quite a few possibilities:[Poll #1396878]
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Yep, referring to a Canadian TV commercial here that I just can't stop laughing about.

Anyway, where was I? Oh right, Vancouver trip. Here we go:

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Because, you know, as soon as my sister offered me to use her laptop to check my e-mails I found myself looking up twitter and all that other stuff and ended up in LJ.

Anyway, I'm now in Vancouver after two more days in Seattle, hoping the rain clouds stopped at the Canadian border (in the US, that is) 'cause honestly... all that rain that came down today in Seattle can stay there. Apart from that we had a jolly good time in the Emerald City (and couldn't stop wondering why exactly it's called that... input, anyone?), mainly because we both own credit cards and seem to have inherited our parents' shopping genes (today I found a store where they sold Galison stuff with which I fell in love long ago... I was ready to cry because I already had decided for a skirt I will not name the price of now). We did visit the SFM/EMP (now my sister wants a drum kit...), of course and the Pike Place Market (with which I fell in love) but didn't get up the Space Needle.

Oh, but we rode the Monorail several times and every time I felt reminded of the Simpsons episode with the Monorail in Springfield and had to think of the Monorail song... watching Simpsons ruined my life obviously. Anyway, it's pretty late now, my sister wants to sleepand I'm dead tired. Again. So... until... sometime ;)
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Und zwar: Ich will mir ne Stola stricken und kann mich für keine Farbe so richtig entscheiden, deswegen dürft ihr mitentscheiden (and because I want as much people voting as possible, here for my English speaking readers: I want to knit a stola and can't decide for the color... so you get to do it ;)).[Poll #1333350][Poll #1333350]
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Ich hab mir tatsächlich die "Buffy"-Collection gekauft und gebe mir jetzt als Ablenkung zu dem ganzen Migräne-Scheiß (Termin fürs EEG ist erst der 19.1. *möööööp) einfach jeden Abend die volle Dröhnung, bis ich alle Staffeln durch habe (ich hab ja meine Stargate-DVDs als Gegenmittel :D). Und danach hab ich immer noch 1 1/2 "Robin Hood"-Staffeln und "BSG: Razor"... vielleicht reicht das ja bis zur vierten BSG-Staffel auf DVD (na... wohl eher nicht, die kommt bestimmt erst in 100 Jahren raus) oder zumindest bis zum Start von SGU (ich weiß, ich weiß, das ist eh doomed... aber ich dachte mir, ich geb wenigstens der ersten Folge eine Chance).

Und die sind ja alle noch so jung in der ersten Staffel. Und so süß irgendwie :D (ja, sogar Angel, von dem ich ja nie ein großer Fan war... me big Spuffy fan und so). Oh nein, jetzt wird Buffy Xander das Herz brechen... daaaaaaa... da ist es zerbrochen, ganz laut und hässlich... Ooooh, und jetzt Jenny Calendar... okay, kein Kommentar mehr. Wo war ich? Ach ja, war ne gute Entscheidung. Besser als die beiden "Rome"-Staffeln *denk Hoffen wir dann einfach mal, dass die Ablenkung funktioniert und sich die Migräne-Sache klärt ohne irgendwas... na ja, wird schon.

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Warum steht das britische Pfund grade so furchtbar schlecht (fast 1:1 mit dem Euro)? Das ist nicht gut für mich. Gar nicht gut für mich. Gerade zu überhaupt nicht gut für mich. Und außerdem haben die Schweine von gerade einen riesengroßen Haufen von Serien-Boxen um bis zu 70% reduziert. Warum tun die das? Wisu denn blus? "BSG Razor" ist schon im Einkaufswagen, die zwei "Rome"-Staffeln auch, die zweite "Robin Hood"-Staffel... und wie ist die komplette Buffy-Kollektion (50 Pfund! OH GOTT FÜNFZIG!) da nur drin gelandet? Ich müsste nur noch auf "Bestellen" klicken... aber wer wäre denn so bescheuert und würde ganz plötzlich in einen DVD-Kaufrausch verfallen?

Na ja, wer außer mir? Niemand, oder? Also sollte ich das besser auch nicht tun, oder? ODER? ARGH!


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