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Title: Better Treat Her Right
Fandom: Generation Kill/Stargate
Rating: T
Genres: gen
Summary: Sometimes, Dr. Jennifer Keller doesn't mind a little tactical fire support.
A/N: So. I'm not... sure about this. I asked [ profile] hanseatic_keks to look it over and she made a valuable point of some of Colbert's trademark dry wit lacking in the chapter even though there were a few points where I could have inserted it. I did look over the chapter and editted a few parts but... I'm not sure if it really worked. (the main thing is that Jennifer Keller is a female civilian and kind of a figure of authority (at least in a formal way), despite everything and honestly... that's what made this so difficult to figure everything out. I'd be very happy about any input whatsoever. Seriously. I mean it.)

( Drowning on Dry Land )

Better Treat Her Right )
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Title: Look What You Do
Fandom: Stargate
Rating: K+
Genres: gen
Recipient: [ profile] mackenziesmomma
Prompt: Stargate, Thomas Moore and Laura Greenspan, Come on you're my best friend what was I supposed to do lock you away in the tallest room of the highest tower and beset you with a dragon?
Summary: Major Thomas Moore needs a medic. Captain Laura Greenspan is one. Only problem? She's not talking to him. Well, yet.
A/N: Holiday Fic Request Meme. So I know I usually post those very early. It just didn't work last night because I was working [ profile] keylafirefly's prompt for Dec 22 and also trying to make my damn Windows Media Player work again (we don't know what's wrong with it. No one does. It's a mystery). But it's still today here. So. Uh. Oh, right. I think this is kind of an addendum to my introduction fics for the Minor Characters (Brothers in Arms, All the Great Things, Both Sides and A Push, takes place between Brothers in Arms and All the Great Things). I actually like this fic very, very much because, you know, I love Thomas Moore and Laura Greenspan together. It's probably the only ever true friendship between an man and a woman I ever wrote, free of any other connotations and they work so well together. They're so much fun and I just hope those of you who got to know them through my Minor Characters fics love them just as much ;)

PS.: All of the German speaking friends (and those who just want to show their appreciation for German soldiers on deployment), maybe have a look at this Christmas greetings page and leave a shout out for all the German soldiers out there who can't be at home on Christmas?

Look What You Do )
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Okay then... I'm at number 13 now and almost done with the first half. I'm not sure if I can finish it this year. Apparently, I couldn't even finish it within a year since I posted the first one on October 9th 2010. But I really do plan on finishing this meme and if it takes me another year. I usually finish what I start and until now I finished more challenges than not (the 10_ocs challenge is still open but its time will come, just like the other ones') and I promise, there will come a day when every question from the meme is up in the link list, not down on the to do list. Okay, on to the next.

Or, okay, first the 12 ones I already answered. )

Oh fine, here's the next:

13. What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?

It's a culture, alright. )

So... am I doing the whole military culture thing right? Anyone got something to tell me about that? Anyone know any culture they'd like me to feature more, despite my usual focus? I'm most interested!
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This is the German Armed Forces' newest image/recruiting video ad (the catch phrase is "Wir. Dienen. Deutschland."/"We. Serve. Germany." and though I don't really know what to make of the periods I'm slowly starting to warm up to the phrase.Very slowly. Maybe.) :

What do we think, people?

Good? Bad? Ridiculous?

(One thing that really shook me: the pictures of the official funerals. Even though it's aimed both and improving the image and recruiting, it took a lot of balls putting them in there. Any of you non-Germans ever seen something like that in any of your Armed Forces' recruiting ads?)
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Argh. Dear f-list, if any of you (apart from [ profile] asugar who seems to have disappeared :( and [ profile] mackenziesmomma who's been trying to solve this question with me for an eternity now) knows anything about the UCMJ and non-judicial punishments, please tell me if you've got any ideas for this:

Eh, possible spoilers for one of my stories in the Protect and Survive 'verse ahead... )
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or at least contemplate ordering one from, Germany's equivalent to the (much bigger) Yellow Ribbon Campaign in the US, if you're a German and are tired of the "friendly desinterest" people here in Germany are giving the Armed Forces, the soldiers and most of all their deployments

Why am I saying this? Because fighting season is in full swing in Afghanistan now and today, another German soldier died in an IED attack. When I said "this is going to be a very bloody spring and summer", I honestly had no idea how true that would become. And I'm starting to get tired of people wholly disregarding Afghanistan and all the other deployments such as Kosovo, ATALANTA and countless other places that aren't even covered in the media (but German Wikipedia has a (very long) list of current deployments), so as a former soldier myself (and as a civilian not quite done with contemplating to join up again) this is my appeal to all of you: even if you are against the ISAF operation, even if you're against the military... don't be against the soldiers and their families. Yes, I'm asking you to support our troops. Just contemplate it, at least, please.
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Due to current tragic events I remembered that I promised to blog about Germans and their very difficult relationship to everything military as a third installment to the "On...Germans." tag, which incorporates so far:

On elections.

On heroes.

Again, that turned out much longer than I expected it to... )

On heroes.

May. 21st, 2009 03:35 pm
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A few weeks ago, I did a posting on elections in Germany and something in that sparked the idea to do some other "Germans explained for the world" postings now and then. So far:

On elections.

Today's posting was inspired by me reading yet another WWII novel taking place in WWII London ("Liverpool Street" by Anne C. Voorhoeve, will write a review once I read two or three more books) and some questions this provoked but which had been lurking for maybe already a while. Anyway, here we go:

Why easy when you can also unnecessarily complicate everything? )
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but yeah, I did today. But I didn't spend any money on it (and yes, that's everything I'll say about this). Here's my collection of unconnected ramblings review:

Became even longer than I expected... )

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Komisch, ich dachte, ich hätte schon mehr gelesen, seit ich die letzten Rezensionen geschrieben hab. War aber dann wohl doch nicht so. So schaffe ich die 50 Bücher pro Jahr ja nie.

'Als wuerde man sagen: Seid nicht jung!' - 'Emergency Sex (and other desperate measures): True Stories from a War Zone', Kenneth Cain et. al. )

Oh, oh, oh, und ich hab was neues für die Parteitags-Liste (nein, ich wollte nicht nur mal wieder den Kommunistennazi-Tag verwenden... EHRLICH!):

  • "Ihr habt doch alle Jehirnmuchte!"
  • "Ihr seid doch alle Kommunistennazis!"
  • "Das klingt ja wiiiiie nül!"
  • "Und wie geht's? Weita, weita!"
  • "Fire in the hole!"
A note on writing: I know I'm way behind my usual posting frequency regarding the recent "Protect and Survive"-story, but I'm working on it, honestly. It's just slow going at the moment, but I still know where I want to end up. Oh, and I want my claim approved. Pwetty pwease?
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Ich hab ja gesagt, dass es demnächst Rezensionen geben wird. Für die puns mach ich dann aber doch lieber n eigenes Posting, das wird hier sonst zu lang (weil heute ausnahmsweise mal vier Rezensionen). On a sidenote: Ich hab angefangen, "The Princess Bride" (oooh, schaut mal, die Schwestern haben mir damals eine Ausgabe mitgebracht, die jetzt vergriffen ist... wie cool is das denn bitte?) noch mal zu lesen, weil ich mich mit ständigen Bezügen und Andeutungen in meinen Lorne/Cadman-Fanfictions selber dazu angestachelt hab und das Buch ist noch dreimal toller, als es in meiner Erinnerung war

Okay, jetzt aber auf ins Rezensionenland:

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Yay, schon wieder drei Bücher fertig gelesen!

So, und um der Wette mit mir selbst Genüge zu tun:


"Seems that my major reading interests are a little strange."


"Major event today: Going to B. again. Yay!"

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So, nächster Versuch. Wenn ich jetzt noch wüsste, was ich beim letzten geschrieben hab... Ich weiß nur, dass es was mit dem guten alten "Ich brauch Abenteuer in meinem Leben. Abenteuer!"-Problem zu tun hatte. Und irgendwie... ja, super Sache, ey, danke, LiveJournal. Und natürlich speicherst du das wieder nicht ab. Danke. Das war bestimmt irgendwas wichtiges und hochfülosofisches (Haha! Who are you trying to kid?), aber is jetzt auch egal. Kommt bestimmt wieder.

Jedenfalls, aufgebracht wurde dieses ganze Problem hier durch:

So, und jetzt ist mir auch wieder eingefallen, worum es beim letzten Versuch ging: Mir fiel auf, dass ich, wenn alles glatt gegangen wäre, heute 100 Leute führen würde und eventuell schon mindestens einmal im Einsatz gewesen wäre statt den ganzen Tag im Büro zu hocken und nichts zu tun. Okay, eventuell würde ich das beim Bund auch tun, aber... darum gehts grade nicht *fuchtel Es geht eher darum, dass es mit dem Bund wohl wie mit der Ersten Großen Liebe (TM) ist: Da sagt man ja auch nicht "Boah, ey, was fürn Arsch, wie gut, dass ich den los bin, ey.", sondern - zumindest in Anfällen von Nostalgie - "Ach Gott, er war schon ein Vollpfosten... aber dieser Körper... diese Augen...". Und ich fürchte, so is das wohl beim Bund und mir. Traurig, ich weiß, aber offenbar nicht zu ändern.

Und was mach ich damit jetzt?


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