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A couple rec requests because I got on another scoring run for impossibly small fandoms and/or rare pairings and didn't find enough of either to satisfy me.

#1 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, William Brandt/Jane Carter. Saw it yesterday, and after I learned to pretend it wasn't Tom Cruise who played Ethan Hunt, I loved it. Also, Jeremy Renner is in it and boy, was I in love with his character the moment he appeared. No really. And then I went looking for fics and I ended up finding like four Brandt/Carter fics. Like, on the whole interwebs. If anyone has fics to rec for me that are neither on nor on AO3, I'd be very happy.

#2 The Hunger Games, Gale Hawthorne/Johanna Mason. Jesus fucking Christ, I've got issues with that trilogy. Like... massive ones. As massive as the Nut mountain thingy in District 2. I'm nearly finished and I want to throw the book against a wall at every other sentence (I'll explain why after I finish Mockingjay). But, I kind of fell in love with Gale/Johanna after a very short look into fanfiction on HG. I read there were grief and ruins, and you were the miracle. and Feel What It's Like To Be New and they are both awesome and I want more fics like that (which means: no actual appearance of either Katniss or Peeta and most of all no Katniss/Peeta because I just can't abide that pairing). Pretty please?

#3 The Avengers, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff. I haven't even seen the movie (and probably never will until it's out on DVD because there's not even one cinema that shows it in 2D in the entire fucking city. It's a city of 3.5 million people and God knows how many cinemas and none shows it in anything other than 3D *sobs quietly) but just from reading other people's accounts (most of all [ profile] sangate's) I have a feeling it must be awesome. And I just love the idea of two very highly skilled but otherwise ordinary humans on a team of supermen and it just feels as if they'd fit each other very well. I did find a couple of fics but most of them felt OOC even for someone who hasn't seen the movie yet (that sounded pretentious, didn't it?). So does anyone have recs with Hawkeye/Black Widow that don't have them both be OOC? Yes? Anyone? Anyone at all?
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Anyone of you who can find me an affordable nice-looking wearable quality Ravenclaw women's shirt in size M with this crest (the real one, as opposed to the movie one which sucks because seriously, haven't they read the goddamn books?):

Cut because of picture and stuff. )

Also, totally unrelated: LJ cuts are back to being normal! Let's all hope they keep it at that...
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So, after a little conversation with [ profile] keylafirefly and an encounter with an origami frog army for my favorite co-worker (I wish I'd taken pictures. But then again... better not. It probably would have put me up right there with Parker *points to icon), I decided to do a collective order from KnockKnock to save shipping costs to Germany. Anyone on the flist living in Germany and wanting to spend their hard earned money on nonsense that'll label you as the office's Parker necessary office supplies, please tell me so in the comments and I'll put you on the list (haven't decided between Evernote and Delicious yet for the list. The hardships of modern life, I'm telling ya). This is important: you have until April 15 to tell me what you'd like to order. After that, I'll order and figure out how to send what to whom...

PS.: Anyone got any recs for fics for Smilla's Sense of Snow? I found myself with an insatiable craving during watching the movie on rbb tonight. Anyone? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
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First of all! Happy birthday to [ profile] anuna_81! And happy belated birthday to [ profile] keylafirefly!

Second: a little twitter conversation with [ profile] anuna_81 about birthday fics (I was a little sad LJ reminded me too early of her birthday - yes, I'm the woman with the second worst memory in the world - and told her I might have written fic if I'd remembered earlier and she told me I can still write it if I want) gave me the idea that I might offer this to everyone on the flist.

So, guys, if you want fic for your birthday, please leave a comment (comments are screened, in case anyone doesn't want to make it public) and a wish for this post and ye shall reap fic for your birthday because I have a mighty Google calendar to remind me of such things. And yes, [ profile] mackenziesmomma and [ profile] sgteam14283, for birthday fics, crack* is okay.

*Crack, a definition thereof: everything I need to do extensive thinking about to make it plausible. Plausibility and I are very good friends. Do not take plausibility away from me. I can try to write it if I need to work hard to make it plausible. I can and will not write it if it's impossible to make it plausible. Yes.
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 00:22 OK, I know this will probably be the dorkiest thing I EVER tweeted but... someone give me a SG-10 patch for Christmas? Yes? Please? ANYone? #
  • 00:28 Damn. Just can't shake the "Soldier Boy" (by The Shirelles) bunny. Just too many soldier boys (and their girls) in my stories, obviously... #
  • 09:37 Holy crap. 3722 bonus points on my Bahncard 50. It means I wasted over 3500€ on train tickets in the last four years. SCARY. #
  • 10:05 Good reason #283923 2 move back 2 #Berlin: Prussians don't care 4 carnival. No drunken & ridiculous ppl clogging the city in February there. #
  • 11:57 If Lorne and Cadman were cats: (via @mackenziesmomma). Although, shouldn't the black one be the one asking? #
  • 14:36 For people who like Much Ado About Nothing AND Lorne/Cadman: #tweetrec #
  • 15:40 Looking 4 apartments in #Berlin. Man, so need a job. Then I wouldn't have 2 look for tiny 1room apartments but for some REAL ones instead :( #
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Hier, ich hab heute den Fehler gemacht, auf einen Tipp aus meinem Japanisch-Kurs hin mal auf vorbeizuschauen... und jetzt WILL ICH EINE VERDAMMTE BENTO-BOX (die hier zum Beispiel)! Und noch ungefähr 1000 andere Sachen. Also... na ja... falls jemand bei einer Sammelbestellung... also... und so... melden, ja? Oder wohnt jemand in Düsseldorf und hält mich für so vertrauenswürdig, dass er oder sie mal schauen geht, was es da so an Bento-Boxen gibt und würde mir eine kaufen und zuschicken? Hm? Bitte? Vielleicht?

PS.: Wat macht die galison-Sammelbestellung, Stina?
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und was nicht auf dem amazon-Wunschzettel geht, weil amazon das nicht hat:
Äh... ja... Ich erweitere die Liste dann mal, wenn mir wieder was einfällt...


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