Mar. 13th, 2010

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Title: Defining Moments: All Of My Heart
Fandom: Stargate
Rating: K+
Genres: Drama
Summary: Surprisingly, TLM!Lorne is back... and he's fed up with his sister trying to make him move on from his late wife, Captain Laura Cadman-Lorne.
A/N: I can't believe he's back. Seriously, after If It Kills Me, I really thought I was done with writing stories from the AU in 'The Last Man' but quite obviously I was mistaken and he just needed some time to come back with a vengeance or something (because, you know, apart from this one there's a second piece waiting to be published...). Anyway, timeline wise, this takes place between The Faith That Cleans Your Wound and Like a Song Without a Melody, eight years after Laura Cadman-Lorne died in Atlantis (BTW, all Defining Moments pieces in correct reading order can be found here).

Of course, the wonderful [ profile] mackenziesmomma has betaed this. Everything that still doesn't feel right is my fault, and mine alone. So of course she's the one to get dibs on making him all better, girls.

All Of My Heart )
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 12:39 Argh. Bette Middler singing "You're the wind beneath my wings." PLOT BUNNY ALERT! I'm just too conditioned to those phrases... #
  • 16:12 Whee, have FINALLY new épeé! It's so shiny & new. Still lacking a bit of character, though. Will hopefully get to break it in next week. #
  • 23:36 Ah, fuck, I wish I could see Torri Higginson as Beatrice in "Much Ado About Nothing". I adore the play & I adore Torri Higginson. Alas... :( #
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