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Was zur Hölle war das, ihr Düsseldorfer Vollpfosten? Und warum ist das verschissene Spiel nicht abgebrochen wurden? Ich check das nicht. Es war doch ganz klar, dass keiner der Hertha-Spieler mehr wollte und dass es richtig gewesen wäre, abzubrechen. Alter, das war doch Dummheit und Dummheit muss verdammt noch mal bestraft werden. Wie kann man denn kurz vor Ende aufs Spielfeld rennen und was soll das denn für'n Stadion-Konzept sein, wenn nicht mal Bullen im Vollgerödel die Situation unter Kontrolle haben und wenn da ne Bande abgefackelt werden kann? Und so was darf in der ersten Liga spielen? Ich will sehen, wie die das mit Bayern machen. Da lach ich.

Ich will ehrlich, dass Hertha das anficht. Ich glaub zwar nicht an ein Wiederholungsspiel, aber bei ein paar Erstligaspielen ohne Publikum kann Düsseldorf den Aufstieg dann ja voll genießen, ne? Das hätte der Klassenerhalt sein können, da bin ich mir ganz sicher. Das dritte Tor hätten sie noch hingekriegt, wenn sie nicht völlig kalt gewesen und von den dummen Fans eingeschüchtert gewesen wären. Ganz im Ernst, hätte irgendwer von euch ein Tor schießen können, wenn man einen weiteren Ansturm von dumme Fans hätte fürchten müssen? Genau, sag ich doch.

Nächste Saison ist Düsseldorf abgestiegen und Hertha wieder aufgestiegen, mark my words. Wenigstens kriegen wir hier in Berlin dann wieder ne gute Hertha zu sehen und können Aufstieg feiern oder so...
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WERDER BREEEEEEEMEN! Mwhahahahaha! 1:0! Maybe there's still hope for Hertha BSC after all. Maybe they'll keep Premier League. Maybe miracles really happen. Maybe only half of Germany will laugh about Berlin and their soccer club after this Season. One can always hope.


Feb. 25th, 2012 10:04 pm
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Dear Hertha BSC players, please stop losing every game they throw at you. It's starting to become embarassing again. Thank you.

Desperately, me.

That is all.
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Because, you know, Japan won against Germany in the World Cup and that really is kind of sad and also a little bit of a shock. But then again I've seen Japan play before and they were awesome (about ten times more awesome than their guys...) because they were playing with a levity that was very nice to watch and the Germans were kind of... trying too hard this time around, or that's what it felt like. So it was probably a given that Japan would be the better team. Oh well... then now I'm just hoping Japan becomes World Champion. They have all it takes, I think. (also, a couple of them are playing for German clubs, mehehe)

And now I'll go clean this place up because [ profile] rareb will come visiting on Monday \o/... or maybe I'll first get dressed and then I'll get the place cleaned up. Yeah. Ahem.
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Group champion, whee! In the Women's Soccer World Cup preliminaries, that is. Quite honestly... Women's Soccer starts to become a lot more attractive than Men's Soccer, seeing as compared to the girls, the guys seem to be standing around on the field more than actually moving. Can't remember ever having seen such fast and dynamic soccer as I saw today in the Germany vs. France game (okay, maybe that has something to do with the fact that I'm not a regular soccer watcher and only watch the big events like Euro Cup and World Cup...) and I can't wait to watch the next one :D I'm not sure if they get to be World Champion for the third time (in a row!) but I'm pretty sure we're gonna get to see some really awesome soccer :D

On a side note: I am now at 9,136 words for [ profile] het_bigbang which means at least I'll make the checkpoint in August \o/ I'm kind of starting to hope that maybe I can make that big bang after all...
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So now that the World Cup 2010 is over and everyone's doing recaps and what not... I thought maybe I should, too.

Well, then...



Massive declarations of love are massive. )

So... now that it's over... I'd just like to remind everyone (including myself) that next year, Germany will host the Women's Soccer World Cup and that we should give the girls the same treatment we gave the guys in 2006: LOVE THEM AND CELEBRATE THEM! Oooh, I'm looking forward to it!
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 00:19 Mh... parents still not home. Should I take the risk and watch another ep of #Warehouse13 or do some writing/translating until they're back? #
  • 00:40 Damn, parents just got home. No #Warehouse13 for me tonight anymore, then. Argh. #
  • 00:56 My parents are evil. They both belong in bed but they just won't go, just so I can't watch #Warehouse13. EVIL, I'm telling you! #
  • 22:04 RT @zeitonlinesport: Es heißt #worldup-final: Fast die halbe Menschheit schaut auf 22 Männer in kurzen Hosen, und die tun sich ständig weh. #
  • 22:25 RT @corinneduyvis: Alternatively, let's shake up the rules a bit: team with the most yellow cards wins! #victory #worldcup #ned vs. #esp #
  • 22:39 RT @Sajina: Somehow like Quidditch World Cup @dottedMelon: I think this is the could be the first WC finale with people who actually died. #
  • 23:04 Oh. My. God. Oracle Octopus Pulpo Paul was right once again. We're doomed. The science of statistics has to be rewritten. #
  • 23:07 RT @Sajina: So, Paul boards his DeLorean and flies off back to the future. #
  • 23:09 I second that!RT @pingulotta: Congratulations, #ESP! \o/ #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 16:15 Just saw #Eureka Season Premiere. Started to get a bad feeling about what @EurekaWriters are going to do to Tess :S Don't ruin her, please! #
  • 22:26 YAY! #ger won! You what that means? Paul the Oracle Octopus was right YET AGAIN. We're doomed, I'm telling you. DOOM. #
  • 22:57 I want to hug Jogi Löw and then send him to bed. Poor baby sounds like the flu really got to him. #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 00:49 ARNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! We love you, Arne Friedrichs! Please stay with Hertha! We need you for getting back to Premiere League! DESPERATELY! #
  • 20:43 OK, I know it sounds ridiculous but I'll see the doc about the fucking blister under my right heel. It's GINORMOUS & it's driving me INSANE! #
  • 22:00 Oh, oh, oh, Paul Oktopus (yes, THE octopus!) is my friend on Facebook now! I love Paul! Everyone should love Paul! #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 00:20 OK, mom's in bed now and OOOOH, is Eliot SEXY in #Leverage 3x02. Also... Fred is hopping up & down VERY excitedly, @mackenziesmomma. Scary. #
  • 00:29 One day... one day Hardison WILL put his fist into Eliot's face. Or try to, anyway. Unsuccessfully, of course. #Leverage #
  • 13:18 Yay, 'nother royal wedding! RT @Batteriechef: RT @dpa_infoline: Die nächste Royal-Hochzeit steht an: Fürst Albert... #
  • 13:28 Mh. Is it just me or is "Der Reibert" not exactly grade A research material for a Stargate story? Even if it's the newest edition... #
  • 13:43 Also, deleting a story w/o a comment after message from me? Kinda... ridiculous. Or is that just b/c it's gonna be back soon? Hopefully not. #
  • 14:33 AAAAAW! RT @SPIEGEL_English: World Cup Forecasts: Paul the Octopus Predicts a German Advance... - #
  • 15:13 I never realized how much I hate Dean/Rory. I hate Dean & the way he treats Rory & I think it's only surpassed by my hate for Lorelai/Chris. #
  • 18:03 Whoa, #usa is first in their preliminaries group? I'm... much more than just slightly impressed, I have to. #worldcup #
  • 19:24 RT @serienjunkies: Serienfans erkennt man beim Sex daran, dass sie zwischendurch Pause machen & weitermachen mit "Was bisher geschah...." #
  • 19:30 Took Obama long enough... RT @Reuters: FLASH:Gen David Petraeus to replace McChrystal as Afghan commander -CNN #
  • 21:04 JESUS EFFING CHRIST I CAN'T BEAR TO WATCH THIS! Yes, it's #ger vs. #gha. What did YOU think? #
  • 21:08 BUT I honestly love @zeitonlinesport. Quoting other commentators instead of commenting the game is certainly very avantgarde :D #
  • 21:11 Aaaand... we're starting with the yellow cards. First one goes to #gha. Anyone wanting to bet when #ger will get the first? #
  • 21:13 Yep, yellow card number 1 for #ger. Guys, be careful, you know. Some yellow cards ARE justified. Also... OMGICANTWATCHTHISAAAAAAARGH! #
  • 21:18 Dear #ger team, a tie will do nothing for you. PLEASE do us all a favor and WIN this game. #usa won their's with a goal during extra time... #
  • 21:34 I agree... RT @Batteriechef: Sag ich doch. @heiko: jetzt ballack einwechseln. #surprise #ger #
  • 21:47 And it sounds like New Year's Eve here. Or downtown Bagdad. Take your pick. God, I love Berlin ;) #
  • 21:48 Eloquent as ever, the ZEIT editors :D RT @zeitonline: YES! 1:0 #
  • 21:51 OMG I can't watch this. 20 minutes of torture still to go. My nerves. MY GODDAMN FUCKING NERVES DON'T DO THIS TO ME GUYS! #
  • 22:21 ALTER! They got through the preliminaries. THANK GOD! And now it's REALLY like New Year's Eve outside. Complete with fireworks & everything. #
  • 22:34 I'm starting to wonder what people will do if #ger does make it into finale. Seriously, people in the neighborhood are currently FREAKING. #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 14:08 NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Fuck, fuck, fuck. Goal for #srb against #ger. DAMN! #
  • 14:20 OK, guys (the Germans in the timeline, I mean), you know what? Put your stupid Nazi jokes about ZDF commenters and #ger team where it's dark #
  • 14:21 Because, seriously, it's not funny and it's irritating AND IF I SEE A STUPID JOKE AGAIN I'M GONNA SCREAM AND IT WON'T BE PRETTY OKAY? OKAY? #
  • 14:46 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! It was a penalty! A fucking PENALTY, Poldi! *head keyboard #ger #worldcup #
  • 15:18 OK, that's it... @stewog made me scream. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! The nazi jokes weren't funny the 1st time and it's NOT getting better! #
  • 15:25 Well... that wasn't exactly the best #ger game. Let's hope they'll get back to the form in the game against #aus when they're playing #gha. #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 12:29 "Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup" - seriously? SERIOUSLY? There is an "Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup" in British Forces? Oh man. #
  • 20:27 OK, now, #ger vs. #aus. Oh, I can't wait for it to begin. Socceroos gonna be a tough opponent. Also... wow, stadium must be full of Aussies. #
  • 20:38 Apparently, I'm the only German in my timeline rooting for #ger. Go figure. (and no, I don't feel embarrassed by it, why should I?). #
  • 20:39 Podooooooolskiiiiiiiiiii! And immediately, fireworks all around :D Obviously, I don't need the tv to notice a German goal :D #worldcup #
  • 20:57 Miroooooooooooooo Klooooooooooose! That's soccer, baby! And Jogi freaking out! Go on like that, guys! Give us more of that! #worldcup #
  • 21:53 Dear, #aus team, if you want to get at least a tie... maybe stop fouling Schweinsteiger and everyone else in your path? That COULD help. #
  • 21:56 MÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜLLEEEEEEEEEER! Okay, you totally got me by surprise, guys. I NEVER thought you'd score so often w/o #aus scoring at least once. #
  • 22:10 Hey, look, you Aussie guys... this is soccer, not rugby. Try to score, not to tackle. Maybe there will be some goals then in the future #
  • 22:18 And 4 every German in the timeline who doesn't like Germans who are rooting 4 the #ger team: #
  • 22:21 Oh, it's already over. Have to say good game, mostly on the #ger side. If #aus learn 2 play soccer instead of rugby they could have a chance #
  • 22:52 MEHEHEHEHE! - so much LOVE for that song! :D #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 00:19 Dear weather people, you've been promising us thunder storms for over a WEEK now. Why don't we GET one then, huh? HUH? I really hate summer. #
  • 00:25 Also... can it not be so hot, tomorrow, please? I'm going to visit the Berlin Air Show and I HATE my knee cast when it's hot. It's GROSS. #
  • 00:28 Sommer in Berlin haut auf alle Fälle hin... but only when you don't have to wear a stupid cast around your knee outside. Blergh. GAH! #
  • 00:38 And now the invasion of strange looking insects starts again. OH GOD I HATE SUMMER SO VERY MUCH! Why does it have to be so HOT and BLERGH? #
  • 01:08 Argh. Fred forces me to get my timelines straightened. I HATE straightening timelines. Already looks a lot like some stuff doesn't add up. #
  • 18:50 Back from Berlin Air Show and a little miffed that apparently, 'the market' only needs engineers and MBAs. No one needs social scientists. #
  • 20:33 OK, guys, let's watch who kick's whose ass in the #usa vs. #eng game now. I want to see some good old brawling on the green, boys! #
  • 20:38 Whoa, THAT was fast. #eng scored & made clear who's boss on field. #usa need to get themselves 2gether if they don't want to get steamrolled #
  • 20:50 :D Damn right! RT @hatethedrake So far I like the USA tactic of "hoping the ball accidentally goes in the net." Verrrry clever. #worldcup #
  • 20:55 'nother tactic for #usa: make #eng laugh so hard that no one has their eyes on the ball and it just rolls into the goal (via @weissegiraffe) #
  • 21:13 Hey, #eng just gave #usa a goal for nothing. How nice of them. However, that was... how can I say that... STUPID AS HELL! Jeeeeez. #worldcup #
  • 21:42 Oh, #usa have a goalie. Maybe they have more than one and can lend one of their's to #eng as THEY obviously DON'T have one. #worldcup #
  • 21:51 Guys, this is soccer, not hockey. The people want to see you playing, not doing body checks. Just thought I should clear that up for you. #
  • 22:08 Really have to say #usa's goalie is one tough guy. Really seems to have what it takes. Kinda like he's got everything #eng's goalie doesn't. #
  • 22:26 Uh, Mr. @BarackObama... what's with your bet w/ David Cameron now? Who's gonna send whom the beer? I'm just a little confused is all. #
  • 22:39 OK, now #SGA's Enemy at the Gate for me. Fred needs food (and I need to check a few things... what do you mean, I only want to ogle Lorne?). #
  • 23:47 You know... Infection could have been a really good #SGA ep... if it hadn't been for the stupid McKeller crap. We could have had more Lorne! #
  • 23:50 Oooh, I should have done a #SGA rewatch a lot earlier! Only watching Lorne in action makes me ITCH to write #SGA fiction again *iz giddy #
  • 23:53 Huh. Did Ronon say "...ate one of OUR Marines" or "...ate one of MY Marines" in Infection? I'm really confused now... any suggestions? #
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I busted my knee at judo practice today. You know, it's not like that wasn't the first time I got injured at sports this year. For years I didn't get injured (but, okay, for years I didn't go to practice regurlarly...) and now that I'm back in Berlin and back to regular judo practice at least (since I started my English Advanced Conversation Class last Thursday fencing practice had to stand back because there's always something keeping me from going to practice on Monday) I get injured twice in the first three months? That's not cool, you know?

So let's just hope I just twisted it and there's no funky ligament business (you woulnd't believe the horror I have regarding a cruciate ligament rupture... what? I'm just not the half full kind of girl, okay?) because honestly, I don't want to deal with that kind of crap. I have enough on my plate already. So I'll go to the doc tomorrow, hope they'll get the whole hullaballoo (x-ray, ultra sound, MRT, voodoo...) over soon enough and let me get on with my life (like, for example, tell me it's okay to go about my business as usual, only without practice for a while). Hrm.

On a much nicer note: I started writing Leverage fic. Seriously, I did. At first it was just a one-shot I wasn't particularly happy about (ask [ profile] mackenziesmomma, she's the poor soul that has to listen to my whining) but then my dad played a sampler with stuff by Elvis and The Drifters and all that and the vague ideas that I had formed themselves to a nice collection of one-shots that could become really good stories. And no, I won't neglect my Stargate stories, I just needed a little breath of fresh air so I won't get too much routine into my Stargate writing and Leverage provided a good opportunity for that and a new challenge (I like challenges...). It'll (hopefully) turn out into some interesting stories.
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 15:25 Have successfully cleaned out fridge today. Am thinking about doing the pantry on weekend. Am also scared of myself... and a little pissed. #
  • 21:29 Blergh. Pain. Why did I decide to attend judo practice today? WHY? Oh right... because... because... no, I have no idea. #
  • 22:18 *sighs Gabriel Byrne is so HOT. I love Crossing Jordan reruns... no idea why but I do. #
  • 23:44 Getting your nerves again... pls vote & RT: (confirm app, then click on link again to see the design in question). #
  • 23:44 RT @ZooBorns: I have decided that these otters are so lethally cute, they should be dubbed the "Thermonuclear Otters" - #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 21:26 Totally! RT @Batteriechef: Let's get those pucks behind Miller! #GoCanadaGo! /via @davidakermanis #
  • 21:42 GO CANADA! GOOOOOOOOOAL! Also, thanks to ARD live ticker which helps to follow the game while watching #Tatort :D #
  • 21:46 Okay, watching game now. Go Canada go! #
  • 21:59 Frankfurt Main Station - out. Frankfurt Airport - out. Frankfurt autobahn - out. Shouldn't all European long-distance traffic be down? #
  • 22:17 WOOHOO! GO CANADA GO! SECOND GOAL! If you become Olympic champion, we stay second in medal table! Do your best! #
  • 23:54 YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! GOOOOOOOOOOOAL! GO CANADA GO! *jumps up and down exitedly! #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 11:40 Meh. Apparently will be limping my way through the day today as pain didn't magically disappear over night. Whee, it's gonna be fun... NOT. #
  • 23:11 OMGWTFMARIARIESCH! GOLD! That was a hell of a ride! Also, I would have liked to kick the commenter and scream "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" at him... #
  • 23:14 Awww, Maria Riesch and Lindsey Vonn... SO cute! They're so lovely to each other, despite being rivals. And Markus Wasmeier is... no words :D #
  • 23:17 Aw, and sister love between Maria and Susanne Riesch. Consoling little sis after winning gold... Maria Riesch is a role model, methinks. #
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 21:57 Eurgh. Probably ruptured a muscle fiber while playing soccer. SO ridiculous. Had 4 skiing crashes on Monday and NOTHING happened. #
  • 22:18 Meeh! Can't believe I got injured while playing SOCCER when I survived 2 days of SKIING (including 4 tumbles... 2 of them while standing). #
  • 22:39 Planning on doing some shopping tomorrow. Gonna be a pleasure with the whatever I did to my thigh muscles. Time for doing the Sheppard. #
  • 22:44 RT @Batteriechef: Lollerskates: Gadhafi ruft zum Jihad gegen die Schweiz auf. Schweizer Botschaft in LX: kein Grund zur Beunruhigung. #
  • 23:00 Sis is playing #ForceUnleashed & it's a pleasure watching her (also, how cool is it that my fashion designing sis is such a vid game geek?). #
  • 23:16 Oh, also I killed another hair dryer. Apparently I have very destructive magic skills. Must find way to exploit them. #
  • 23:31 Why aR Americans so good @ Nordic combined when they suck @ every other Nordic sport? Also,why R our athletes so unlucky w/ their equipment? #
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You get to meet Olympic champions during practice :D (in my case, it was Britta Heidemann, Olympic champion women's épeé 2008).

s lbe dr Spocht... )

Also... go German Olympics team! Go ZDF mascot (ZDF is one of the two German national PBC stations broadcasting the Olympics)! Go Eurosport commenters (Eurosport is the only cable station that broadcasts the Olympics here... and I have the very strong suspicion that they usually start broadcasting an event with giving their two commenters a six pack of beer, tell them to have fun and then head off to the nearest pub...)! Olympics! YAY!
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Yep, it's a collection of daily meaningless rambling...

  • 12:14 Krchrchr. RT @ZDFsport: Der Streit um die bevorzugte Nahrung des ZDF-Maskottchens eskaliert #
  • 12:20 Also, whatever the #Eurosport guys commenting men's snowboard half-pipe yesterday had... I want it, too. And LOTS of it. Seriously, dude! #
  • 12:43 RT @DefenceHQ: News: RAF female firefighters in the thick of it at Bastion #
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